Posted on March 29, 2019 at 12:55 pm

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Here’s Everything That You Need To Know About Amazon Prime Original Series’ Hanna

Amazon’s Prime Video has finally released its Prime Original action drama series, ‘Hanna’ this week. The exact blend of thriller and a coming-of-age drama, the eight-episode long series will follow the life of a young girl ‘Hanna’ raised by her father in the Finnish wilderness, who is also trained with all the skills an assassin might need.


With its release today, here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video’s Hanna.


  1. The series brings the collaboration of two ace actors – Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman from super hit crime drama ‘The Killing’ together. Kinnaman will be playing Hanna’s ex-military father who raises her to be an assassin while Enos will be playing a CIA agent chasing the father-daughter duo.


  1. Directed by Sarah Adina Smith – Known to direct hit HBO shows Room 104 and Buster’s Mal Heart, Sarah Adina Smith has the right experience of how to make ‘Hanna’ a female-driven series from every possible angle with her visionary skills in terms of direction.



  1. Written by the co-maker of the movie – David Farr, one of the creators of the movie took charge of the story and made ensured everything went on track in terms of direction and execution.


  1. Shot throughout Europe – The shooting for the series started in early March 2018 and kept going until mid-August 2018 which took them across over Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Morocco, Spain and the U.K.



  1. The search for Hanna –The production team was on an extensive hunt all over Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Britain to search for someone who would justify the character. Finally, Esmé Creed-Miles was finalized for the role which worked well for the series.



While delivering high-intensity drama, Hanna offers an unconventional take on the teen spy thrillers and does not timid away from the fact that she is an out-of-the-ordinary action hero. Catch all the sensational high-spirited action drama with Amazon’s latest Prime Original Series today onwards.

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