Posted on February 18, 2019 at 2:48 pm

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UFO Moviez & Adlabs Imagica Make Valentine’s Month Special With Open Air Screenings & Tent Stay

UFO Moviez & Adlabs Imagica Make Valentine’s Month Special With Open Air Screenings & Tent Stay

Tents at Imagica


How about a day in which you are ‘taken on a ride’ (we should actually say rides) with a person you dearly love? What if you follow that up with a three-course candlelight dinner? Excited already? Well, there’s more. An open-air screening under the stars followed by stay in tents. Yup, this thrilling staycation package is a reality and it comes from UFO Moviez and Adlabs Imagica.

‘Riding’ High
So after you reach Imagica in the morning, you are allocated tents for your night stay. You can then deposit your luggage in lockers. Post that, you are free to spend the rest of the day enjoying the various rides at Imagica.

Romantic Wine & Dine

After the rides, you can freshen yourself up and get yourself ready for a three-course meal with wine/soft drink. The entire experience in the middle of Imagica’s picturesque setting is too good to be shared in words. Yes, the food could’ve been much better.

Candle light dinner


Khule Asmaan Ke Neeche Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost
One of the main highlights of the deal was the open-air movie screening under the stars, a fairly new idea, at least in urban India.

Says Siddharth Bhardwaj, Chief Marketing Officer – Head of Enterprise Sales, UFO Moviez, “Open-air movie on wheels is a mesmerizing experience. With state of the art infrastructure & expertise, UFO created an IP called #CaravanOfJoy to spread joy and entertainment through cinema. It is an era of experiential marketing & UFO apprised about #CaravanOfJoy proposition to Imagica Team and they got super-excited and quickly introduced #CaravanOfJoy as a unique offering in their valentine’s package (valentine experience with an element of adventure).”

Adds Raveendra Singh, Head of Marketing and Strategy, Imagica, “When the opportunity to collaborate with UFO Moviez arose, the brand fit and timing was just right with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. The concept of watching a movie in a different kind of atmosphere i.e. Movies Under the Stars is something fun and quirky as opposed to going to the cinema all the time.”

While it might be a new city concept, it’s already going strong in the rural markets. Informs Singh, “Today growing preference among consumers is to spend on experiences rather than products. And the popularity of experiential cinema, where films are shown in unusual locations, is fuelling growing interest. The concept has already taken the Indian rural markets by a storm with UFO Moviez spearheading the initiative to provide the rural masses, an immersive cinema experience. With the recent trend of people always wanting to do something different and in constant search of newer, outdoor experiences; open-air screening exhibits huge scalability potential in India. This mainly arises from the nostalgia factor that it seeds in. It clearly becomes an experience enhancer, defining the experiences that would come later while accentuating every reason to return.”

Open air screening


Tent On Rent

Last but not least is the part when you stay in tents. While it was pretty cold outside, the tent was really cozy, guaranteeing you a good night’s sleep.

Hit Ya Miss?
For any new activity, it’s very important to measure its impact. Throwing light on how they do so, Bhardwaj says, “The overall feedback from our clients, audience and on the ground has been phenomenal, people are loving the whole movie under the stars concept and experience. It has also generated incredible social media traction and engagement. We have received several inquiries from various event organizers to plan and execute movie screenings for their upcoming events, festivals, etc across India.”

Adds Singh, “As with any experiential activity, we rely heavily on “referrals” and this is reflected in our strong positive “word of mouth”. Therefore, during key events/ activities like these, we ensure to gather guest testimonials and feedback. This is critical for us, as it helps us to evaluate and determine on day zero itself on the deliverance of the experiential promise we have set out to achieve. In addition, we also do track and reach out to our guests on social media platforms for feedback. A ‘happy guest’ testimonial and positive feedback exemplify our success metrics.”

The entire staycation was sponsored by UFO Moviez & Adlabs Imagica.

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