Posted on January 8, 2019 at 7:41 pm

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Rohit Gupta Backs Sreejith Nair’s The Color of Me!

In the era of social media boom, the issue of self-acceptance is a big one. More so when the ideas that revolve around beauty and social standing is still defined by the color of our skin and the clothes we wear. This is the core theme of the award winning, The Color Of Me, a twenty-minute short film directed by Chicago-born Sreejith Nair. Based around the concept of a girl who has a unique condition which makes her change races every hour or so, the movie speaks volumes about how we see ourselves and what we are lead to believe are the acceptable norms of the society.  The female protagonist, Lisa, changes race – from being a white Caucasian woman, to Indian, Chinese, Hispanic, and African-American.  Each time, she is treated differently in society.  As such, the movie brings to light the issues of discrimination and privilege.

The film has been garnering streaks of accolades at the international festival circuit including at the Los Angeles Film Awards, Over The Rhine Int. Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, Silicon Beach Film Festival among others.

The Color of Me – Trailer from Sreejith Nair on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Rohit Gupta (Another Day Another Life, Midnight Delight) has backed the project as a producer.  When asked why he chose to back the project, Rohit explained,

“The concept is inspiring and intriguing. Sreejith has done a wonderful and honest job in executing the script visually. I feel lucky to be a part of the project.”

Gupta’s company Film Festivals To Go (FFTG) is handling its marketing.  Distribution strategy is spearheaded by Esha Tewari.

Nair is thrilled with this collaboration and enthusiastically told us,

“One of the struggles of being an independent filmmaker is that everything is all up to you, and you alone. You have to able to submit to film festivals and build a social media mostly by yourself. Which is why I’m grateful for this collaboration with FFTG. Rohit and Esha have been extremely helpful in finding the best film festivals to submit to, as well as teach me how to properly build a social media following for my film. Thank you to both of them for supporting my film and helping me get to the next level.”

Chicago-born Indian-American Nair, has touched upon a sensitive issue and a-must-watch topic that continue to haunt the people of color. With tight script and execution Nair surely seems to be in the film-making space for a long haul.  Nair also managed to successfully direct the 5 different women who play the same person.  He shared the following about his directing experience,

“Directing five actresses to play the same role, and directing one actor to act along aside five different woman as if she was the same person. I don’t know of any other film that uses this technique of having multiple actresses play the same role, so it was my chance to come up with new directorial skills.”

The Color Of Me will be next seen at the upcoming Santa Fe Film Festival 2019, Las Vegas Black Film Festival 2019 as part of their Official Selections with others to follow through 2019.

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