Posted on January 3, 2019 at 4:02 pm

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Akshaye Khanna: What people are calling it as controversy, I like to call it as a debate

Akshaye Khanna, who was last seen in Ittefaq is all set to essay the role of Sanjaya Baru in Vijay Gutte’s The Accidental Prime Minister.

Akshaye Khanna
Akshaye Khanna

Today during group interviews, when Akshaye Khanna was asked about his work experience with Kader Khan, Akshaye said:

“I got along with him very well. He was a very fine human being. I remember while shooting in New York for Aa Ab Laut Chalein, there were minivans waiting for us. So I used to travel up and down with him a lot. I used to sit right behind him. I used to take a piece of paper, roll it very finely and then tickle him in his ears with it. ( Laughs) He was a lovely man.”


When asked, what is it that attracted you to do The Accidental Prime Minister, Akshaye said:

“It’s a beautiful story. It has beautiful characters. There is nothing new in this film. It is only the perspective of the people. We have seen it from the outside now you will get to see it from the inside. 11th January is a very important day. Not particularly for us but for the country. History will remember this day. And what people are calling it as a controversy, I like to call it as a debate. If I have the right to make this film, you have the right to comment.”


When asked whether box office numbers matter to him – this is what the actor said:

“Of course it matters. There is no one who would say it doesn’t matter. All the actors who say it doesn’t are lying.”


The Accidental Prime Minister is slated to release on December 21st, 2018.

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