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10 Reasons Why Mindy Lahiri is Our Spirit Animal

Mindy Lahiri is the spiritual animal we all need!

Mindy Lahiri Spiritual Animal

Mindy Lahiri, the doctor with a love for MacDonalds, Chick Flicks and of course men! She is the one and only lady all Mindy Project fans are obsessed with. Similarly, because everything she says out loud is exactly what we think. Mindy has become a character that many aspire to be. Each and every day. From her stylish ensembles, to her over the top music playlist. Her love for food without any concern of calories! Even though Mindy has an entire box filled with tantics.  If you are not familiar with why we love her, here are 10 hilariously thought out quotes by Mindy Lahiri which proves why she is definitely our spirit animal;

1. “I’m not late, it’s 9:18, which is practically 9:15, which is basically 9:00”

Mindy believes that if she arrives at the same hour that she is meant to be there, minutes do not really matter! How many of us live by this rule? The motto of “I am here, that’s all that matters!” Mindy ensures that she sticks between an hourly range when being present, as most of us females due because we end up spending so much of time getting ready! If I made it before the next hour, be thankful!


2. “My plan was to marry rich and then stop working or to marry old and then, when the guy died, inherit all his money”

Come on! How many times have we seen younger women with older men who have pockets filled with cash? We sit at our work desks, waiting for the hours to pass and wonder what life would be like if we just married someone who could take care of us? “I need to be independent but a trip on a yacht sounds more inviting!” We feel so tempted yet we never actually do it because we know we can make it on our own just like Mindy!

3. “Oh my god! It’s my favourite kind of cake: gigantic”

Mindy is known for having a sweet tooth like most women regardless of whether we are on our cycle or not. Mindy teaches us that calories don’t matter because either way, we know we are going to end up tasting a piece of cake resulting in us blaming the cake stating it tripped and fell into our mouths! She definitely knows how to eat and shows us that one slice of cake is definitely not enough!

4. “You’re not Mindy, you’re a warrior and your warrior name is… Beyoncé Pad Thai”

We have all had days where fear kicked in and we would want love to be anyone other than ourselves because being us just seems to make the fear even bigger! Mindy shows that women can be warriors with our own names just to separate ourselves from the fear by believing we are strong and then becoming it. No woman has become strong just by luck, it’s a process and Mindy shows us that by placing her mind somewhere else where she does not feel fearful or intimidated by anything. We all need an escape sometimes.

5. “My body is very attracted to your body but when you speak my brain gets angry”

We all know a guy or maybe more who have the most AMAZING exterior with no form of interior. Pretty from the eyes but poison to the mind. We often find ourselves settling for men who lack character. Lack knowledge or just seem to have lost it somehow. We often tell ourselves that maybe they have more to offer than 6 packs. But the moment their mouths open, our brains feel as if they are about to explode! We put aside what we need and focus on what we want based on appearance just to realize that ignorance is bliss and intelligence is needed to form a constructive conversation with someone. Have more to offer than a hot bod, please!

6. “I figure if I’m going to be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess”

Mindy, unlike many of us is not afraid to be unapologetically clumsy regardless of who is present. She knows her worth and is able to share her wit even if others find it uncomfortable. She is comfortable in her skin and shows it. Many of us are so concerned with the validation of others that we forget what we actually have to offer and that without offering it, nobody will know it actually exists! So whether you are a hot mess or just a mess on some days, own it!

7. “I don’t weight anything! I’m like a cloud!”

Mindy is able to make herself feel the way she decides even if others think otherwise. It is no secret that Mindy Lahiri isn’t part of the slender gang but that certainly does not stop her from feeling weightless. Mindy associates herself with her own idea of who she is and what she wants to be. Nobody else has a say in what she has to offer except herself which is something we admire. Women always tend to check the number on the scale instead of creating their own number that correlates with their happiness. A number on a scale should never define you!

8. “I am not picky, I just have standards”

Women always tend to be called picky for knowing what they want and often settle because they fear being alone, but not Mindy. She makes it very clear that standards are needed in this world, otherwise we would all be settling and become unhappy with ourselves. Nobody deserves to settle for less than they expect. Mindy shows us that having standards enable more awareness and more confidence in terms of our worth and what we need in a partner rather than settling for what we want.

9. “I want you to love me in a way that I can show on Instagram”

Most of us are not strangers with social media platforms, especially Instagram. We have all scrolled past the explore section and coming across couple pages. We end up spending 4 hours scrolling through pages filled with relationship advice, tumblr pictures and couples doing everything we wish we had. Only to end up forcing our partner to do the same with us and post our selfies to show others that they are happily taken. “Hashtag our names so we know it’s real!”

10. “I am a hot, smart woman with an ass that doesn’t quit”

How often do we wish we had the ability to feel the way Mindy does about ourselves? She constantly uplifts herself even if she ends up eating cookie dough to solve her problems! Mindy knows that what she says to herself matters, especially when she is the only company she has at times. We tend to say so many uplifting words to those around us and forget to say them to ourselves. We hate when others tear themselves down yet we so easily tear ourselves down! Mindy shows us that being a woman is inspiring and worth doing no matter what others say and that being confident helps you lead the happiest life!

So when life gets you down and you feel like nothing seems to work, just slap on some of your most comfy sweatpants, get some popcorn and watch The Mindy Project because trust me, she has a lot to teach us besides how single life can get even when you know you look good whilst eating a cupcake! Always remember that being your own role model might be weird but in the end, the only person you have to live up to is yourself.

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