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Anushka Sharma: If I’m Not Doing Something Which Excites And Challenges Me Then I Get Really Bored

Last evening we met up with Zero actress Anushka Sharma and spoke to her about her upcoming film. She opened up about her role as a cerebral palsy patient, her decade-long journey in the industry, Shah Rukh Khan, Anand L Rai and much more.

Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma

Read on to know all that Anushka Sharma had to share:

When asked about her experience playing the part of a cerebral palsy person in the film Anuhska said:

“When the script came to me Himanshu and Anand sir had extensively worked on researching on this character and the movement disorder she has. They had spoken to a lot of doctors, charted out her story and made me understand the challenges that I have to face. Made me understand the challenges she faces and apart from all of that the thing he told me that was extremely important was that she’s a brilliant, highly accomplished professionally high achiever and that nothing should take away from that aspect.”

Talking about how she prepped for the part Anushka Sharma said:

“I understood that I had to correctly represent that character so I wanted to take the right measures, meet with the right people. I was involved with an occupational therapist in and for two and a half-three months- understanding the limitation I would have to understand this character. Also, I had to understand how someone with this condition has to feel so confined when you’re just sitting on a chair every day. And as an actor also you use your physicality a lot to perform. I wouldn’t obviously be able to do that and I had to create this involuntary action which is sort of a spasm where there is lack of control on the muscles and then there’s a spasm like a relief. But I had to play it voluntarily while I had to focus on the dialogue and the emotions.

That was actually really really hard for me but I followed Anand Sir’s vision and Himanshu’s vision and working with the right people to make me understand and represent the character absolutely correctly.”

Anushka also said that she is not actually nervous about how the audience will receive her in this role because she doesn’t feel nervous after the work is done but she gets nervous when she startsworking. Elaborating it she said,

“I think I’m don’t generally feel nervous like that. I feel nervous when I have to do it. Before I started working on the film and the first two days I was nervous because at that moment when something is in my hands then it’s my responsibility but then if I have done it to the best of my ability then I don’t feel nervous – its then just mindless thinking.”

Talking about how she said yes to Zero Anushka Sharma said:

“First go pe mai kabhi haan bolti nahi hu (I never give the nod the first time I hear anything) – problem hai muje. I need to process it. When you hear something you want to take the time to understand ki maine kya suna, muje kya aacha laga – so I always take some time to mull over it and then…

I was pretty excited that he was offering something like this to me because I knew that it was going to be very challenging for me to play this role and also because of the vision that he had for the film –you know it’s – a film that celebrates love, that celebrates imperfection, that celebrates all of that in a very larger than life sort of way. I think Anandji is a very good director, his work is being loved so much that I wanted to go on this journey and vision that he had.”

She also said that she feels that the imperfections in the film is not because of the conditions. She feels that it is the beauty of the film because everybody has imperfections they may not necessarily be physical – like her’s or Shah Rukh’s, but can be emotional and mental – like Katrina’s.

Talking about the director – Anand L Rai, Anushka said,

“Iska ek larger than life cinematic experience hai.”

“He is very sensitive as a person and very sensitive as a director also. He’s a very good director to work with. For an actor he is a very good director to work with – like he really understand how he need to treat an actor. The sensitivity with which you have to treat an actor cause you go out there on sets and you have to bare your soul in front of everyone – and he understands how that needs to happen. That’s cause he has the sensitivity towards others”

Talking about working with Shah Rukh Khan for the fourth time and the different relationships they share onscreen, Anushka said it’s all credit to the director for doing so.

She said that she shares a good rapport with SRK and all the character’s they played together were beautifully captured by the director – showing their relationship in its truest form. Elaborating on what works best between them, Anushka said,

“I think it’s because we have done characters which have been interesting from the very first.”

Commenting about completing a decade in the industry Anushka Sharma said,

“I think it’s really awesome. With the film (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) competing 10 years, I also complete 10 years. In that same month, I will be doing another film with Shah Rukh which is kind of like a full circle – like a ‘Zero’. So I think that is quite amazing and a cool coincidence.”

“I feel happy. I reflect back on my journey and how good life has been and I’ve had such good learning experiences working with all the people I have.”

She was even quizzed on how she chooses the film with very different and challenging roles. Replying to this she said,

“Why? Because otherwise I get bored. If I’m not doing something which excites me, if I’m not doing something that challenges me then I get really bored. So what excites me (while choosing scripts) is if I am able to reinvent myself. In every film I want people to see a different human being, a different person a different personality – and I think that’s something that is really important.”

Zero is written by Himanshu Sharma and directed by Aanand L. Rai. It is jointly produced by Colour Yellow Productions and Red Chillies Entertainment and stars Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. The film will release on 21 December 2018.

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