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Actor Director Filmmaker Teeshay Shah’s Journey From Mumbai To LA

Actor Director Filmmaker Teeshay Shah’s Journey From Mumbai To LA

Teeshay Shah, actor, director, and writer have been in limelight for his recent feat Hiraeth. He is an Indian actor, model, and host working in the Indian film industry Bollywood and regional cinema. He is known for his work as a host on the Zoom TV Channel show Planet Bollywood. He has written and directed short plays for balancing act productions. He has Explored his anchoring space as a sports presenter on Star Sports and hosted the show Match Point.

How do you feel about this new world?

Teeshay: Well, the new world is different for sure. Challenging to a whole new level. I have realized one thing, getting a break here isn’t impossible but to achieve that you have to be exceptional at your craft. Talent is surely valued in Hollywood. You must know the craft to the T. Acting schools here are of high quality. They go deep into the acting part of it and that’s definitely a wow factor. Everything is organized and everyone from the bottom to the top know their job. You will find quality at every level of filmmaking even if its a low budget indie or web series. It’s good to be in this atmosphere which soaks itself into achieving excellence.

If you had to bring one thing from India festival, culture, color or a place? What that would be and why?
Teeshay: Culture definitely. I mean, I miss calling up my friends post 11 pm and grabbing a coffee or doing junk food at stalls late into the night. I miss games night or movie nights on weekdays because people here are just so busy on the weekdays which is great too but totally different from our culture. I also miss those huge family outings every month that I am so used to back home in Mumbai.

Talk about your short film Hiraeth.
Teeshay: Hiraeth has been an eye opening and life changing experience for me. I put in so much into the film out of nowhere and I think I am just soaking in the positive response which is great. Gives me huge relief because the topic was sensitive. I also now understand that a director’s life can sometimes get very lonely. It’s his vision all the way through and he hopes that people, especially his team “get it”. That’s been a huge learning curve.

Why a short film? What is the future prospect of a short film?
Teeshay: Short film because of the limited time and resources I had for this one. I would have loved to make this as a feature if I had the backing and resources. Short films on the other hand also give you a window to showcase your talent to the world without a big canvas that we are so used to. It depends on what intention you have made it. And what are the stakes involved? You can either try and make a big deal out of it by submitting it to festivals or you can simply put it on youtube and move on. But one thing you should realize is that short films will most often not give you any monetary returns which you should be prepared with right from the onset.

What are your favorite five apps?
Teeshay: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ESPN Cricinfo, and WhatsApp. Can’t live without these.

You are an actor and a director. What comes first and why?
Teeshay: Acting, acting, and acting. I love being in front of the camera. I love performing. I love the vanity and love that comes with it. I recently got a fan message from Pakistan and the way it was written just blew my mind. You have the power to influence people and make people love you. Who wouldn’t want that?

What is your favorite memory so far in the USA you would like to share with us?
Teeshay: Has to be the first commercial I shot here. It was on 26th August 2017. The location was a patio overlooking the Hollywood sign. I think the universe said quite a lot there. I believe in signs. It was poetic. I was in LA doing my first commercial, shooting all day in front of the Hollywood sign. That for me was a WOW moment.

Is there any favorite eating place you would like to tell us about?
Teeshay: I discovered the impossible burger here. It’s a plant-based substitute for meat and dairy. You feel you are having non-veg but its actually all vegetarian food. It was an awesome discovery and it tastes yummy. I had it at UMAMI burger in downtown LA.

Your favorite travel destination?
Teeshay: Favorite travel destination so far has to be Capetown in South Africa.

Life is a…
Teeshay: Life is a GIFT.

What is your next plan or what are your next projects?

Teeshay: I am in the process of developing a show which I intend to host. I also have my next short film script in mind which I will write soon. Its a light-hearted one for a change.

Few words for your fans….
Teeshay: Thank you for all the support and love. Its truly encouraging and gives me the courage to move ahead knowing my work is appreciated by you. Big hug!

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