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Crown The Brown : What Would You Tell Your Younger Self

Crown The Brown: Your Younger Self Matters

Crown The Brown: Younger self ? Young

Our Crown The Brown family has always kept it real when it comes to their younger days. No, we are not grey yet, but sometimes we surely feel it. From the endless wisdom that we learn to the oh so minor mistakes we make. We tend to forget that we made mistakes when we were teenagers, mistakes we wish we never made. Why? Because of course, we know better now than before right? What if we had a magical time machine to take us all the way back and change things? What if we could completely change what we experienced? Many would say that we would not be the person we are today. What if we do not want to be that person? Well, only time can tell. One thing is for sure, our Crown The Brown Family had some advice for their younger selves. this is what some of them had to say:

Anil Sankaramanchi

Crown the Brown: Anil Sankaramanchi

“Creating opportunities open more doors than waiting for them!”


Crown The Brown: Berishka

“Don’t let any dream seem too big or unimaginable. Attain the knowledge to make it a reality and don’t give up.”

Vaidehi Gajjar

Crown The Brown: Vaidehi Gajjar

“One of the biggest things I have learned in my journey of becoming a writer, is that the perception you have of yourself is truly what matters in the end. For many years, people discouraged me from expressing my thoughts and opinions. Dismissing me as just a girl with no real credibility. If I could go back, I would just want that girl that was so deep in her own anxiety and depression to know that she actually mattered.

That one day, her words would not be useless and unheard. But I think even beyond being a writer, the lesson for me was that no matter what the world says, I was worth it. The world gave up on me, sure. But I kept giving myself chance after chance, because somewhere in there I recognized that even if I am built of flaws and imperfections, I’m not to be ashamed of. Too many people are ashamed of themselves simply because they are told so.

If I had the same strength and willpower I possess now, at a younger age I believe that I would’ve been even more happy at an earlier time. I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything, whatsoever. But if hearing my story helps another girl find the courage to find herself, to give herself a chance. I think the girl I once knew, the one that was truly lonely, scared, and lost.. her purpose of being a part of my identity will have been fulfilled.”

Hema (The Gold Hourglass)


“Nothing is set in stone. Just live life while you can.”

Vik P

“Trust Yourself”


“You’re not what other people say you are.”


“Take risks. Go for opportunities that come your way.”

Sue-Anne Govender

“Don’t create expectations for yourself to achieve everything at a specific age. Live free.”

I guess we all wish we knew more at a younger age but wisdom comes with time. Being wise comes from experience and I guess we all had to go through something to get where we are today. Be sure to follow us @crownthebrown_ on instagram for more!

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