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UA Exclusive| Meet Bros: Monali Thakur increases your expectation to 15-20% more

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Meet Bros, who gave us amazing songs like Baby Doll, Pink Lips, Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan and many more are back with a new single Shy Mora Saiyaan, which is a Navratri song but a peppy number too.

Meet Bros
Meet Bros

After Cham Cham, Meet Bros and Monali Thakur are here to make you dance to the beats of Shy Mora Saiyaan.


UrbanAsian got a chance to interview Meet Bros, who spoke about their latest single Shy Mora Saiyaan and about how they finally collaborated with Monali Thakur and many more.


Read it out all here:

  1. How did you all come up with the idea of Shy Mora Saiyaan?


Actually, this idea came to us. We didn’t go to it. We had done a song Cham Cham with Monali (Thakur) and when we sit free we always come up with something or the other. So one day we were sitting with Monali and that time we came up with the song Shy Mora Saiyaan. Then one day we told Monali we want to do a single with you. That time we thought why not Shy Mora Saiyaan. Then we told Shabina Khan, who is the director that let us make a cute video like how Falguni Pathak used to make. And she agreed.


  1. How did you come up with the title Shy Mora Saiyaan?


Last year when we had gone for Dandiya with our lyricist Shabbir.  He saw that there were guys who were feeling shy to dance and girls were dancing bindaas. That time we thought that time is changing. (Laughs) Then we all decided that we must make a song on this situation. The thought came from there and then he came up with the title Shy Mora Saiyaan.


  1. Since this song is on Navratri, will this be a typical Navratri song or will there be some twits too?


It is a party song also. The twist is that it is a romantic song. It has a story like a movie. It has internet’s star. That is what people want nowadays. A story, a star, a dance. We have put all the masala needed in this dish and we hope that the audiences love it. It is a different party song, different than Baby Doll, Chittiyan Kalaaiyan.


  1. Will we see you dancing in the song?


(Laughs) No. Shabina Khan was behind us till the last day saying that you all also should come in the video. But we would like to come in a video where we can contribute. Where it can connect with us. Forcefully we don’t like to come in a video, even if it is ours.


  1. Any memories that came to your mind of Navratri while shooting the song.


This time is the best time that starts from Navratri and goes on till Diwali. A kind of energy, happiness is there during this time. A time of happiness and to eat a lot of yummy stuff. (Laughs). So we have also prepped our song in this way. Our songs are loved by girls because we give such lines that make them feel happy. For eg: Baby Doll Main Sone Di, Main Nacha Farate Maar Ke, etc. So they get a line for themselves, to feel like a heroine. Same is there in this song.


  1. The memorable or funny incident that took place while shooting the song


There is one during the rehearsals. When we made the song we had decided the lyrics and all casually, so we told Shabina that you start rehearsing first and then we will send the final song, but then when we sent the final song, she said that the first one was better and she became adamant on that. So it was for the first time we didn’t change the lyrics and went on with the dummy lyrics and we didn’t fight because of the passion we saw in Shabina.


  1. One good and one bad quality about Monali Thakur.


Bad quality is that she is a lost person. Since 3 years we were behind her for doing a single and finally, we got her now anyhow. She is completely a lost person. Sometimes she forgets her keys, will forget to come to the studio for recording. (Laughs)


She is very cute. Artists should be like this only. Very chirpy, bubbly, happy. Good quality about her is that she is one of the best singers in the industry. Whenever Monali sings a song, she increases your expectation to 15-20% more. She is a superb human being, fun loving and has a positive attitude.

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