Posted on October 31, 2018 at 10:35 am

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Rohini Iyer Is One Of The 50 Most Influential And Powerful Women Under 50

In an industry mainly dominated by men, Rohini Iyer – Founder and Director, Raindrop Media – is an example of a great business woman. A game changer, disruptor and rule breaker in every sense of the word, Rohini Iyer is recognized for her role in shaping the business of entertainment.

Rohini Iyer
Rohini Iyer

Rohini figures among the most powerful names in the film industry. She was recently chosen as one of the four young successful rule breakers. She is also one of the 50 most influential women under 50.

Iyer’s love for movies inspired her to start her very own Reputation Management company – Raindrop Media – that works with the who’s who of the Hindi film industry.

Talking about her idea of power in the recent issue of a leading business magazine she says,

“I’ve always been a wildcard and a risk taker. True power is being able to say no, doing it your way and working on your own terms”.

Rohini Iyer is part of Penguin Randomhouse India’s book Changemakers and was also awarded for her excellence in the reputation Management business at a recent business platform. She was also named Woman of the Decade in Celebrity Media at the Women Economic Forum.

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