Posted on October 24, 2018 at 7:28 pm

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Richa Chadha takes on Belly Dancing for The Shakeela Biopic

Richa Chadha sparking her new Belly Dancing Skills for Shakeela!

The hindi actress Richa Chadha, known for many roles is sure to surprise fans this year! Richa is shooting with almost new material for her new movie!

Richa Chadha

Shakeela, directed by Indrajit Lankesk. Shot with the Masaan actress, Richa is joining the league of actresses working on their skills. The new skills that she decided to learn include belly dancing for the big screen!

Above all, this means a special song for the film! Yes, it will have this awesome belly dancing skill! Richa will be using her new talent in the dance sequence for the film, Shakeela.

Richa is training with Mumbai Belly dancing instructor, Shaina Lebana. The lessons were done in 3 weeks and certainly more to come! This is not the first time she has attempted the Arabic dance, she took tutorial classes 3 years ago! When learning that there will be belly dancing in the film, she got extremely excited for the dance form and to learn more!

Speaking about it, Richa said,
“The song that I’m learning belly dancing for will be a part of the promotions of the film. I have always loved learning newer forms of dance and belly dancing is not only very attractive and graceful but is also a very tough dance form to learn and adapt. Shaina is brilliant at what she does and I’m glad I’m learning under her supervision”. 
Shakeela or not, belly dancing is one skill every girl would love to learn! It is so sensual and fun loving! A skill worth sharing with others. Richa is going to bless our screens with belly dancing and an amazing upcoming movie!
We are so excited to see the outcome of this movie with Richa Chadha. We know it will be worth seeing!
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