Posted on October 8, 2018 at 10:41 am

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Navratri 2018: We Have Got Your Wardrobe Sorted For These 9 Days

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Yes, it’s that time of the year. Take out your chanya-cholis and get ready to dance these 9 days to the fullest as it is time for Navratri. But wait, which colours do you wear on which day? Are you confused?

Maa durga during navratri
Maa durga during navratri

Well, we are here to help you sort out your wardrobe for the next 9 days by sharing with you which colours to wear. In case you haven’t got it yet, Navratri starts this Wednesday, 10th October and will last until the 18th of the month. The themes of victory of good over evil are common in the folklores and stories attached to the festival of Navratri. Different parts of India may have different versions of the mythological tales related to Navratri and celebrate it differently.

Here are which colours to wear on which day this Navratri:

Date Name of the day   Navratri Colours 2018  Goddess prayed to
10th October 2018 Pratipada   Yellow Shailaputri
11th October 2018 Dwitiya   Green Brahmcharini
12th October 2018 Tritiya   Grey Chandraghanta
13th October 2018 Chaturthi   Orange Kushmunda
14th October 2018 Panchami   White Skandmata
15th October 2018 Sashti   Red Katyayani
16th October 2018 Saptami   Blue Kalaratri
17th October 2018 Ashtami   Pink Mahagauri
18th October 2018 Navami   Purple Sidhidatri


PS: Navratri celebrations culminate on the Vijayadashami day, 19th October 2018. You can search for something in these shades and match your friends and family while dancing the night away.

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