Posted on October 24, 2018 at 6:11 pm

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Creative Eye wins best serial Award for Ishq Subhanallah

Zee Rishtey Awards for Ishq Subhanallah inspired many with creative eye wining Best Serial Award

Zee Rishtey Awards at Film City brought some excitement with the Best Serial Award! Creative Eye’s Limited Ishq Subhanallah, produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochhar and Sunil Gupta bagged the best serial award.

Ishq Subhanallah bagged awards within the following the “Favourite” categories:

Jodi (favourite)                            – Kabeer and Zara

Bujurg (favourite)                       – Qazi Irfan Siddiqui

Social Swagger (favourite)         – Zara Siddiqui

Judge Panel favourite                – Zara Siddiqui


CEO of Zee Network, Mr. Punit Mishra commented during the awards saying that “Ishq Subhanallah is a path breaking serial for the channel and has set such high milestones. The show has become popular across the nation! Similarly, it has brought about such a big viewing!

Dheeraj Kumar thanked  Mr. Punit Mishra for the noticable team effort and visual creation within the team.  Furthermore, the entire team created the masterpiece ! He added thanks to Zuby Kochhar for the support with the Zee Team in creating this amazing show!

Sunil Gupta thanked the entire unit and Zee team. The support they had was probably so inspiring ! The goal would have not been made without the support of the entire team.

Dheeraj Kumar’s thanked:

Writer and Concept developer – Dhanish Javed

Director – Vikram Ghai

Creative Director- Ashish Batra

Ideation Head – Sandhya Riaz

Project Head- Dinesh Singh and Ajju Ali

Editor- Dharmesh Patel

Furthermore, the entire team of Ishq Subhanallah for the support and bringing their skills to the creative table!

Dheeraj Kumar’s thanks on behalf of Creative Eye Limited:

Ms. Aparna Bhosle

Yubraj Bhattacharya

Charu Bhakti

Geetika from Zee Team for their support to the production house

Ishq Subhanallah

The show has kept its position in the Top 5. Above all, it is one of the top 5 shows across the entertainment channels with high ratings! As a result, Creative Eye team feels the awards has helped the entire team work harder and achieve an even bigger position within the entertainment channels with even better ratings!

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