Posted on July 3, 2018 at 11:30 am

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Arzutraa : My Favourite Bollywood Singer Is Shreya Goshal

We at UrbanAsian caught up with British born Indian singer Arzutraa and spoke at length with her. The singer spoke at length about her inspiration, her journey, plans and more.

Tripet Garielle

Read on to known all  Arzutraa said:

What inspired you to take up music?
I’ve always been very artistic. I have been into writing poetry, designing fashion clothes, drawing and then started writing songs . Although at the age of 11 I used to sing “Raja Ko Rani se” on my dads tape recorder and then playback my voice. I never imagined however that I would be releasing my own albums and performing around the world.

How did you come up with the idea for ‘Love Was My Idea’?
Four years ago I started working with my Producer on a single which turned into an Album. Over the duration of the four years I’ve put many real life emotions into the album and hence came up with the title “Love was my Idea”. The titles denotes that no matter what, sorrow or happiness, it was my idea to love in the first place and I chose to love so I suffer the consequences be they positive or negative.

How was it working with Atif Ali?
I’ve grown a lot as an artist working with Atif Ali. He has immensely shaped my career, voice and artistic studio behaviour to which I’m thankful. We had fun on the first Album and the second album is also being produced by Atif Ali. I’m excited because we are similar in our taste for good music and are both influenced from many different cultures – Atif Ali living in Dubai sounded by the warmth of the Middle East close to Bollywood ground and influenced by so many nationalities in UAE and me living in the West being influenced by all musical tastes from this side of the world. We both are continually experimenting and with his experience we have really been able to do some really unique things musically.

How has your journey been so far?
Painful but fun. It’s been a long journey and it’s easy to get distracted as an independent artist, however, I’ve always prioritised my vocal development as my main tool and that’s been the most demanding thing I’ve had to work on especially working with the operatic coach, Victor Asquith, who I’m currently under the care of.

Any plans to visit India soon?
I am working with my team to do a few shows across selected cities in India and see these happening towards the end of 2018 early 2019.

3 things you loved about Dubai.
The warmth of the people, the magic in the air and the love I feel deep inside when I land on the Arab land.

Any plans to work in Bollywood?
Bollywood isn’t my endgame but it would be a great opportunity to work on a film and I would love to work with Clinton Cejero and Aamir Khan.

Favourite Bollywood and International singer
My favourite Bollywood singer is Shreya Goshal. I love her emotion in her voice and always have been inspired by her voice. I also listen to Mariah Carey as my best international singer.

If given a chance, will you get into acting?
I’m so camera shy and I prefer to focus on singing. I’ve never had a desire to act. I feel like acting would for me be fake as I could never be someone I’m not. It’s not me. Singing allows me to be real and allows me to be me.

What’s next?
Working on my next album already


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