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Janhvi Kapoor: I Am Not So Cool Also That Karan Johar Would Call Me To Be Part Of Dhadak

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We caught up with the lead actors of Dhadak – Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter – and the director Shashank Khaitan, for an in-depth chat.

Janhvi Kapoor Dhadak

The debutante spoke about her upcoming film Dhadak, co-star Ishaan Khatter, the rumours about her being part of Punit Malhotra’s Student Of The Year 2, and more.

Here’s what Dhadak lead Janhvi Kapoor had to say:

Janhvi Kapoor gave a brief introduction about her character in Dhadak. Here’s what she had to said,

“My character is Parthiv Singh. She is from a Political family but they also have royal lineage. And in Rajasthan there is a group – many such people who are royal but they convert their properties into hotel businesses. So she belongs to that kind of family.”

“She’s a very strong girl, very obedient. She’s a little bossy, she has an air about herself. And she’s a really beautiful character,”

She concluded.

Talking about how she came on board this film and if Karan Johar called her and gave her Dhadak, Janhvi said,

“I am not so cool also that Karan (Johar) would call me.”

She continued,

“He (Karan) has come home a while back and we had commenced doing readings together. So I would come here (Dharma Office) and he would make me read out scenes, and then monologues and dialogues, and poems with him – and I think am hat was the mini audition process for me, where he was deciding where to invest his time in me.”

Talking about being a part of Dhadak she said,

“So after a series of reading I was told Dhadak is a prospect and they are looking to make it. I got in touch with – they got me in touch with Shashank, we met a few times and very organically – I think – I started reading with Shashank, and I did a test shoot with Shashank and it flowed into making the film together. There was nothing particular point where he said that you are selected, I’ve chosen you to make the film – in fact he still hasn’t told me so I still don’t know – abhi shoot bhi khatam ho gaya – so it just happened.”

Talking about watching the Marathi hit Sairat in order to prepare for the role Janhvi admitted she had watched the film twice but not as material to prepare for the film. She said,

“Shashank was very clear that once I got the scripts I should revisit Sairat – because somewhere zahen mai bhet jata hai, ek nakal Hausa reh jata hai.”

Answering a question regarding being part of Student Of The Year 2, the actress replied,

“I was never supposed to do it. That was a rumour.”

Talking about how she prepared for her character she said,

“I think just sitting with my script really, everything is on paper. The way that he (Shashank) had written her – written the story – it was very interesting and I think he was very clear on how he wanted me to become the way Parthavi was. We had gone with him to recce to Rajasthan, to Udaipur, to Jaipur and we actually met a lot of these families who have royal lineage but converted their houses into hotels. So just, we spent time with them, we spoke to them, we tried to understand how they treat their women, how they been brought up to think, to speak, to behave…”

She continued that Shashank made her write backstories in order to better know her character.

Talking about how different her character is from Archi in Sairat, she said that when the background and upbringing of a person changes the way they react to a situation also changes. She elaborated,

“It was never how can I play this character different from Archi, it was more of who was Parthavi – lets discover her.”

Talking about co-star Ishaan, she said,

“He was a lot of fun. He is such a talented, energetic, passionate person. Aur wo jis shidat se kam karta hai, har scene ko approach karta hai, jitney energy k sath wo sets par aate hai, I had a lot of fun and a lot to learn from him. It was a growing experience.”

Taking about one of her most fond memories from the sets, Janhvi said,

“Jaipur has almost become a home for all of us.”

“I remember, I think after pack-up one day – it was a very hectic day – we packed up early and we had a 3 hour break before we go into night shoot. So in those 3 hours my father and Shashank – both my fathers – had instructed us not to take the bike anywhere, but we convinced one of the Ads to hand us the bike and we took it around Udaipur. Shashank was setting up for the night shoot – so he was like in the town square – like near the temple where we were going to shoot – and we took the bike through that without knowing.”

“So Shashank was like right there, and me and Ishaan were on the bike and there was nowhere to go and we had to cross him. So we had ducked and went.”

The best thing though was that they didn’t get caught that day.

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Dhadak starring Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter in lead roles is directed by Shashank Khaitan. It is produced by Dharma Productions and Zee Studios and releases on 20th July 2018.

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