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Ishaan Khatter: I Won’t Say My Character In Dhadak Is Similar To Ishaan In Real Life

Team UrbanAsian got up with Bollywood’ next chocolate boy Ishaan Khatter for a group during the promotions of Dhadak. The young actor spoke about his films, family and lots more for a good 20minutes.

Ishaan Khatter

Check out these highlights from Ishaan Khatter’s interview about Dhadak.

When asked about his character name and role in the film, Ishaan said,

“My character’s name is Madhukar Bagla. He is about 19years old. He is born and brought up in Udaipur. He’s one of the leading characters in the film – in Dhadak. And he’s a boy who is very ambitious and happy and content with his life. He’s naïve, perhaps he’s not seen too much of life and but he’s a smart kid. At the same time, he has this uncorrupted nature and a certain innocence to him. And he falls head-over-heels in love with this girl and then that dictates the directory of his life.”

On being asked about how similar Madhukar and Ishaan are the actor said,

Well I think this character was more of a departure from who I am in real life than even my previous character (Beyond The Clouds). There are certain things of course that I identified with, but most of his character I think I had to discover. So I won’t say he is very similar to Ishaan.”

Talking about learning the in-and-out of his character, the language, accent and more for Dhadak, Ishaan said,

“I think first thing first, everything came from the text itself. Shashank (Kaithan) has written a very vivid script. He presented the first half to u before we started shooting the first half and then chronologically we did the second half. What happened was we started doing a lot of readings – because we are using a Marwadi dialect in this film and he comes from a Marwadi background and he writes his own dialogues – so he wanted us to do a lot of readings. In fact we used to read all the character dialogues so that zabaan pew o ravadi aajaye (get the hang of the ascent) – the ease, the manner in speaking so that we were comfortable and could improvise with it. I did some research on my own part for the language.”

Elaborating further he said that they (Janhvi and him) were lucky that they got to travel with director Shashank Khaitan twice to Jaipur – for 7days each. He said that during this time he along with his co-star interacted with the locals, tried learning the language, the culture and tried picking up the minute details like their mannerism and all. Post that they concentrated on the physical changes like the lightening of the eyes – with the use of lenses. He also got his ears pierced to wear the local earing that they inhabitants of Rajasthan wear. Ishaan also put on some weight.

He concluded by saying:

“We spend a lot of time in Rajasthan which really benefited us because we really got a sense of the place, we became very comfortable with the environment. Janhvi and I started talking to the locals, they became like our adda. We became very consumed in their daily life, so it was really helpful”.

When asked about playing a father on-screen, he said:

“Well, I don’t know if it was particularly tough, l feel what’s important is the little thing, the mannerism, especially when there is time-lapse. You have to be thoughtful about the little things- the way you are holding him after this much time you are used to it but is also important to understand that even in the film he’s a young father so couldn’t play him like a somebody who is well equipped with a kid”.

Speaking about his most fond memory on the set Ishaan said,

“It’s really funny. I don’t think I’ve told this story before today. Janhvi and I had been at the recce of this film and we were very familiar with Udaipur and there are two actors who are playing my best friends. So one day before we started the principal photography we wanted to explore – Janhvi and I were there from the 29th of November and on 1st December we were going to start (shooting). On the 30th morning, they (the friend) had come late that night and were crashed out in their rooms and the two of us like bombarded the room – we broke the door down liked jumped on their bed on top of their bed and were like ‘Come on lets go’ and it was 5:30 in the morning.”

He continued that after the guys blasted on them for waking them the four when roaming all over exploring the place. They went roaming the gullies, to the lakes, markers and everywhere. They also met a palm reader who had interesting prophecies to make.

Talking about how he came on board for Dhadak he said,

“I climbed on with my right foot.”

On a serious note, he said,

“Shashank basically told me on the way to the screening of Sairat which was organized by Dharma that he wants to adapt the film in Hind with me. I didn’t see it coming at all so I was taken completely by surprise. And after I saw the film, I met with Shashank a few more times and had discussions and that was it.”

The actor also shared how he became part of big brother Shahid Kapoor’s film – Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi – as a child actor. He also opened up about how he had become a part of Majid Majidi’s Beyond The Clouds.

Check out Ishaan Khatter’s entire interview here:


Ishaan Khatter Group Interview – Dhadak


Dhadak starring Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter in lead roles is directed by Shashank Khaitan. It is produced by Dharma Productions and Zee Studios and releases on 20th July 2018.


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