Posted on January 2, 2018 at 7:07 am

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Ravindra Gautam: Different concepts and stories dominated TV in 2017

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Ravindra Gautam the producer of Star PlusMeri Durga says that the past year has been phenomenal for television. He says that different ideas and concepts have worked on the small screen.

Ravindra Gautam
Ravindra Gautam

“This year there were new concepts and ideas that worked. A different type of storytelling worked. For example, my show is a sports-based show.”

The producer adds that story has become paramount on television today.

“Another thing that has become clear on television is that the story matters. A lot of mythological and historical shows did not do well at all, whereas normal regular shows did well. It means the audience needs a change. Regular shows also did well, but not so much to reflect a change in TRPs. People are getting bored of regular television shows, they need new storytelling, idea, and concept.”

The producer says that the secret of high TRPs is the content of the show.

“Mounting huge money on set and everything does not give TRPs if the storytelling is not engaging. People wanted different storylines if you see Dum Laga Ke Haisha was not a regular story. If the story has been picked, it was because it attracted people as it was not a regular show. Badho Bahu has done so well. This shows that even if you are inspired by cinema, what matters is the story and its good if this trend of taking from films is changing the phase of television slowly.”

Ask Ravindra what he is looking forward to in the future, and he says,

“Only good stories will work, anything different and engaging. Earlier rural stories were not working, everyone wanted more colorful stories but these days the backdrops are rural. I don’t think male-dominated shows will work, it can work in post 10pm slots otherwise it’s a women’s world because the television remote belongs to women.”

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