Posted on December 18, 2017 at 11:07 am

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UA Exclusive| Manjari Fadnnis: I Just Felt That The Films Were Satisfying Me To An Extent, But I Wanted That Creative Satisfaction

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Bollywood actress Manjari Fadnnis who is famous for her character Meghna in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, has made her debut in theatre with AGP Worlds play, Double Deal Reloaded opposite Bharat Dabholkar.

Manjiri Phadnis
Manjiri Phadnis

UrbanAsian got a chance to interview Manjari, who spoke about her character in Double Deal Reloaded, and how happy and satisfied she is on finally being a part of theatre.


  1. Double Deal Reloaded is your debut in theatres. So how is it going?


Idk till it starts but I have been enjoying myself a lot. It has been a great learning experience for me. Working with Bharat Dabholkar and Mahesh Sir is great.


  1. Are you more nervous or more excited?


I am supposed to be nervous. I keep telling myself to be nervous. In fact I am nervous. Idk what to say (laughs). Basically I am nervous. I am just trying to be ok and normal.


  1. Tell us about your character in the play Double Deal?


I have got shades in my character. She is primarily a very sophisticated girl from a well to do family but there is a layer there also. I can’t say much right now. She comes from a little abusive family background. She is a bit lost in her life and she suddenly bumps into a stranger and then what transpires between her and the stranger that is what the play is all about.


  1. How was it working with Bharat Dabholkar?


Brilliant. He is so entertaining. It was so much fun. So much to learn from him. Overall it was amazing to work with him.


  1. How about Mahesh Dattani?


Mahesh Sir has been a school by himself for me. Because I have come from a filmy background where there are different angles of shots, cuts, retakes, it is all about working with your eyes. But acting in theatre and cinema is completely different. Here we have to use our whole body so that the audience sitting in the last row also connect with us. I learned a lot from him.


  1. What made you say yes to this play?


I was looking for something more creative. I just felt that the films were satisfying me to an extent. But I wanted creative satisfaction. And when I read the script, I loved it. The whole play is between two people on stage. It was super challenging, because for 80 min I had to be within this 1 character and there is nothing about the character that is me. I am a complete jhalli, i.e completely opposite of this character. Which is why I was like wow. And I always felt that an actor’s life is not complete till he does theatre. And I wanted to complete that circle.


  1. What is your take on Spotlight?


It is great. It is a theatre festival. Lot of beautiful plays will be performed, which are already appreciated by people. It is going to be a complete treat for theatre lovers.


  1. What’s next?


I have a film releasing on 12th of January called Nirdosh. The trailer has been just released. There is another film that will release in 2018 called Baba Black Sheep.

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