Posted on December 18, 2017 at 10:15 am

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Prarthana Choudhury’s Ejaak Moloyaai is sweet and romantic

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Mumbai-based, Guwahati-born Singer-Songwriter Prarthana Choudhury is back with another fresh music-video titled ‘Ejaak Moloyaai’.

Prarthana Choudhury’s in Ejaak Moloyaai
Prarthana Choudhury’s in Ejaak Moloyaai

This time, the singer will also be donning the hat of the lead female-actor. She stars opposite renowned actor and the Assamese youth’s heartthrob Utpal Das. Ejaak Moloyaai is a sweet, melodious romantic song with an old-world charm,.

Hear the song here:

Written and composed by Anup Baruah, the video has been directed by ace choreographer Joly Borah. It is produced by Shobhita’s Production. With its crisp story-telling devised by Joly, the music-video leaves a lasting impact on the viewer. Prarthana’s mellifluous and soulful voice adds the icing on the cake!

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