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UA Exclusive| Dr. Zeus: We Call Snoop Dogg As Chacha Snoop

Risqué rapper Snoop Dogg returns to India after eight years all for his buddy – UK based Punjabi hit machine Dr Zeus with a brand new single called Woofer. The song also features none other than the Rockstar gal herself Nargis Fakhri, who’s not just part of the video but has also tried her hand at vocals along with singer and Dr Zeus’s longtime musical partner Zora Randhawa.

UrbanAsian had got a chance to interview the Punjabi machine Dr.Zeus and Zora Randhawa to know more about their song Woofer and about working with Snoop Dogg again.

Dr Zeus and Zora Randhawa
Dr Zeus and Zora Randhawa
  1. How did you come up with the idea of Woofer?




People who know me know that I have been doing music since the year 2000, and throughout my time, I always wanted to do something mainstream with a big star. It suddenly came to me that, Indian music is being played in pubs, clubs everywhere but still why we aren’t in the mainstream, why are we not commercial. So this is a kind of small step that I have taken. I feel foreigners should also speak Namaskaar, sastriyakaal, know the meaning of these words, so my step is towards that. It is not just being famous but it is a big thing for the industry to move forward. So this is what I and Zora have in mind. It has taken us more than a year to get this song; almost 1 and half year but I hope it turns out to be fruitful.


  1. What is your take on the fresh talents?


Dr. Zeus:


In India, each and every house has some or the other talent. Be it in singing, sports, dance or what not. We want the youngsters to show their talent and by doing this I and Zora want to reduce poverty. If you show your talent, write a nice song and sing as well, we will give them a chance because I know that I have struggled a lot and I would love to give these new youngsters a chance and in this way Indian talent will also move forward. As these new youngsters have a lot of energy in them and great ideas, and that is what we need right now.


  1. How was it working with Snoop Dogg after such a long time?


Dr. Zeus:


Zora could tell you about that more (laughs). We have sung with Shah Rukh Khan and I wasn’t nervous at that time because we are not star struck, but when Snoop was there my mind went completely blank. I didn’t know how to react. There were some people who had tears in their eyes on seeing him, it is that big that he meant to them. It was an emotional and very memorable moment for me. One of the best moments of my life. Snoop does a lot of charity. He is a very Dildaar banda. Overall he is a very humble human being. He carries a certain aura just like Shah Rukh Khan. You don’t wanna go away from him and instead you wanna chill with him. We call him Chacha Snoop. Overall, he made us feel too relaxed.


Zora Randhawa:


I was excited as well. I couldn’t believe that he is standing next to me. The one thing that I liked about Snoop was that he didn’t meet anyone and as soon as he came he straightaway went and met the kids on set, who are famous from the song Gangam Style. They are also in this video. So a person who loves kids is definitely not that bad. He is that kind of person who takes 100-200 boxes of Nike shoes for kids. The one thing he said that he misses his Indian Brothers. Nowadays it is very difficult for one artist to show respect to other because of ego. Everyone thinks he/ she is the other person but Snoop is completely different. Onset, everybody called him Uncle Snoop and he calls us his nephew so we made a new hashtag #ChachaSnoop.


  1. So how did this collaboration happen?


Dr. Zeus:


It was both of our ideas.  We both were working on the Woofer song, and then suddenly we came up with an idea, we need a rapper in the song. We were deciding of whom to take, Badshaah, Honey Singh and then I just said like a joke let’s just ask Snoop. And I had some contacts with me that could connect me to him. And then when I got an ok from there we were shocked to hear because that was really quick. Then we thought what about the money, then I said half you give half I will give (laughs).




I remember it was winter time and we were in England working in a studio. And then Zeus said let’s get Snoop to rap in this song. And everyone in India know Snoop and love him. I believe in God so it is because of him we are still here and we got Snoop in this song.


  1. Nargis Fakhri is a part of this video. Was she your first choice?




Yes. She was our first choice. Definitely. I never knew that she could sing. I wanted her not only to be model in this song but also to sing. I did some homework on her. I knew she was a New Yorker and she is a famous Bollywood actress. And I wanted someone to sing with that English accent and I felt Nargis was perfect. I was very surprised. She sang so well. She was the perfect candidate for us.


  1. What’s next?




Woofer is the first single of our album. Our album is an 809 track album. We have artist from likes of Sukhwinder Singh, Zora. We have an artist called Raja Kumari, who will be seen in an Indian attire but will be doing an English rap.  There are few newcomers too. I am still in talks for the final song with Gurdaas Ji. Sukhwinder has done an amazing song.

The plan is we will be dropping 2-3 singles from the album and then the whole album together.


Check out their song Woofer right away:

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