Posted on December 11, 2017 at 2:17 pm

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Shweta Rohira: Both art and yoga have made me calmer

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Shweta Rohira has a multi-faceted personality and makes sure to take out time for things that she loves. The actor is heavily into art and yoga and loves combining the two.

Shweta Rohira
Shweta Rohira

“Art has been a part of my life from childhood and Yoga had always fascinated me. Since I started it, I have felt more at peace,”

she says, adding,

“Both are mediums that take us to our inner core. Yoga helps with breath and brings flexibility, and colours help us with balancing our chakras. They help us to go deeper in our self. By combining the Yoga asanas with colours, I feel that the release of our toxins is easier and helps us to increase our Prana, which makes us at peace with ourselves and life. I feel I am calmer, energetic and positive”

In fact, the actor has been conducting workshops for the same as well.

“As it had made a lot of difference in my life, I felt that I should make people aware of the combination of both these beautiful mediums so that they could use it to enhance joy and peace in their mind, body and soul. I have started it recently and the response of the participants is amazing.”

Ask her if her mom is the inspiration behind this, and she says,

“Yes, she is a very big inspiration in my life as it is because of her that I have realised the importance of holistic living.”

Meanwhile, Shweta has been busy on the professional front as well.

“I have done catalogue shoots for bridal wear and loving meeting creative people, who want me to be a part of their work.”

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