Posted on December 5, 2017 at 7:03 am

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Saurabh Pandey on marrying Zara Barring: I feel at the top of the world

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Actor Saurabh Pandey, who tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Zara Barring is ecstatic.

Saurabh Pandey & Zara Barring
Saurabh Pandey & Zara Barring

“I feel I am on the top of the world after getting married. I don’t know how does it feel but the time when I saw Zara Barring (Soni) coming towards me, at the wedding, it was like my body and my heart just grew ten thousand times. There was a different rush inside my body.”

Ask him if he danced in his baraat and he says,

“I danced like crazy. I and my friends Gurmeet, Debina, Himmanshoo, Mohammad Nazim, Vikas Kalantri, Priyanka Chibber, we all danced well. We danced outside Chandan Theatre, which is close to the venue, Iskcon Temple.”

In fact, Saurabh adds that his friends and family enjoyed all the functions.

“All the functions had their own colours, every function was unique in itself. I loved it all. Everyone loved it, everyone was happy. In fact, during the pheras at 4 am everyone was jolly as well, they were all awake and nobody was tired. It was really a meaningful Shaadi for everyone because the Pandit explained to us the meaning of the 7 pheras and 7 wows.”

Did he have any wedding jitters before the marriage?

“I wasn’t scared of marriage because I was marrying the one I loved. So it was not at all scary. Now we are together legally. We were always together and now we are married in front of society.”

The couple is yet to make up their honeymoon plans.

“Honeymoon plans are yet to be decided and we are thinking probably Europe or New Zealand,”

he says, adding,

“We need to sit together and decide because my shooting schedule is also going to start soon. Even Soni is going to start with something, so we need to be well planned.”

But being busy is something that the actor has accepted.

“Both of us, being from the same field, have erratic schedules, erratic timings. We need to balance everything,”

he says.

Zara was working in Canada before trying her hand at acting in Mumbai.

“I am completely ok if she wants to work in Canada. That is up to her to decide. I will support her either way.”

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