Posted on November 24, 2017 at 2:28 pm

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Tinaa Dattaa: I love getting all dolled up for Karamphaldata Shani

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Actor Tinaa Dattaa, who is part of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Karamphaldata Shani, says the costumes of the period drama are interesting. Tinaa has never done a mythological show before, but adds that she loves getting into her look for the show.

Tinaa Dutta
Tinaa Dutta

“It’s a huge challenge for me as I have never done a mythological before. It’s 200 percent more hard work, than what we put in a daily soap. It is indeed taxing but I am enjoying it to the core. Getting all dolled up is fun and the best part is that the look is fixed, and you just have to get into the same clothes and jewellery every day.”

However, wearing the heavy costumes, jewellery and wigs is not easy.

“Honestly, in a mythological even, a male actor takes an hour to get ready as there’s so much to do. Even I take at least an hour, sometimes even an hour and 15mins. It hurts at the end of the day as the jewellery is heavy. You wear double of what you wear in daily soaps. The wig and its packing is quite uncomfortable. Once I remove it, my head feels so numb.”

Well it seems like the effort has been worthwhile, as Tinaa has been getting amazing feedback for the show.

“People and a lot of actors have messaged saying that I am looking pretty. I am happy. I just hope to give my best performance and all I wish is that the TRP comes! Inshallah,”

She says, adding,

“I sincerely request all my loyal fans to watch Shani and give us lots of love and blessings.”

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