Posted on November 25, 2017 at 11:06 pm

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Celebrities Galore ‘Ishq Ke Nishaan’ Launch Party!

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The music industry witnessed its most raw and real music video filled with passion and emotions with the launch of romantic number ‘Ishq Ke Nishaan’. The launch event of the song was organised by Party Squad Entertainment (PSE) all the way from Australia, who have also produced the video.

Upon attending the party, comedian Sunil Pal said,

I am a Music lover and any opportunity to support the art, I welcome with open arms. I am happy that the PSE team invited me to launch the song ‘Ishq Ke Nishaan’.

Photographer Vickky Idnaani adds,

The evening was well organised with Australian DJs spinning some magic on a starry November night. The video is sensuous and sensational, Swati Sharma is back after the super hit ‘Banno Tera Swagger’. I wish the makers good all the very best. I especially want to congratulate Natasha & Vishvanshu of ‘The Party Squad’.

It was a delightful evening where we got a chance to meet such good, talented and like-minded people. It was a very well organized event with personal attention given to each guest. Looking forward to many more such events. Best of luck and best wishes to Party Squad Entertainment.

Added Rohit Tiwari & Sheetal Tiwari of Overact Space & Theatrewaalas Theatre Group.

Australian lead actor Nishanshu (Nish) Pahwa who features in the video says,

“I’m glad that we’ve crossed boundaries to promote our special song which connects with the youth instantly for its realness. After attaining success with Party Squad in Melbourne, we’re establishing our production house in Mumbai which kickstarts with ‘Ishq Ke Nishaan’. We are excited to have such support come from the industry”.

Organisers Vishvanshu, whose stage name goes by ‘The Bearded Guy’, a professional DJ, and Natasha Goradia, an upcoming actress, said,

“We feel privileged to have witnessed such an exceptional amount of support from the artists. We are confident that our music video will be on the loop for viewership for its essence and entertainment value”.

‘Ishq Ke Nishaan’ has been sung by ‘Banno Tera Swagger‘ from ‘Tanu Weds Manu ReturnsSwati Sharma who’s teamed with the duo Raeth Tarun consisting of Wajhi Farooqi and Tarun Sharma. The song is directed by Amna Irshad & produced by Party Squad in Melbourne.​

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