Posted on September 11, 2017 at 2:26 pm

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Vivian Dsena: You don’t have the right to finish the life

Actor Vivian Dsena talks about how the deadly online game – Blue Whale challenge -is leading emotionally distraught youngsters to commit suicide.

The actor who was part of serials like Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani and Madhubala, is the latest celeb who has spoken up on the alarming rise of the Blue Whale challenge in India.

The number of emotionally distraught youngsters engaging in the online game, which encourages players to complete 50 dangerous tasks and commit suicide by the end of the challenge, is increasing, and Vivian — who currently stars in the TV show, Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki — is saddened by it.

“The most important thing I want to tell such disturbed young people, who take the extreme step of committing suicide, is that you don’t have the right to finish the life that you were given by someone else,”

says Vivian.

While some resort to such adversities for the thrill, failed relationships has also been one of the primary reasons. Here’s a piece of advice from Vivian.

“If ending one’s life was a solution for life’s problems, then the whole world would be standing on the highway! If you can’t fight, you’re challenging your family’s upbringing, because of all the things, your parents would never have taught you that this is how you deal with problems.”

he says.

The actor adds that not losing hope is what matters the most. Says Vivian,

“Things might seem bleak now, but there’s always a ray of light which you can see only after the darkness.”

It’s interesting how Vivian has played the character, because he has never played a typical Punjabi guy on TV. But Vivian says that his sincerity and the actor in him made him go the extra mile and essay the role with complete conviction. He reveals,

“My whole intention has always been that whatever work I do, I go into it with all my heart. I gave this role my 200 per cent even though I was just playing a guy next door. I always wanted give more than my all to the character I play. I have never played a Punjabi guy before, so this time, my only motive was to play a guy next door and convince the audience that I can play a normal guy on screen and not always essay larger than life characters. Of course I wanted to break my image as an actor to the people who only consider me as a tall, brooding guy who always plays grey shades. I am happy that has changed now.”

Fans are also appreciating Vivian‘s performance in Shakti. He reveals about some of the feedback that he has got. He says,

“A lot of people say that I play the character with my heart, and that makes me happy because that’s what I do. People may compliment you, people may say a hundred things but the only place where you feel satisfied is when you know you have played a character with all your heart. And when you get appreciated for real for the character, I think it is worth the effort.”

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