Posted on September 11, 2017 at 2:42 pm

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Vahbiz Dorabajee: As an actor, being patient is the only key

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With more content driven shows and realistic stories hitting the tube, television is being taken as a more serious platform, says actor Vahbiz Dorabajee, who started her career back in 2010 with Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani. The actor feels that TV viewership has increased over the years and so has the respect for TV actors. She says,

“I feel that television has progressed. We can see more quality stuff, better content, people are now not scared of experimenting. So a lot of different shows are coming up. Also, the treatment from the media is much better now. They do not look down on television actors now, we have equal status. Television is not just an idiot box now, it is much more than that.”

She was last seen in Bahu Humari Rajnikanth, a few months back, and she is yet to take on another show. However, the gap does not bother her.

“I am not scared or insecure. My show ended in February, it has just been 5-6 months, so I need this time to rejuvenate, to give myself time. The industry is all about survival and you do not have the guarantee that you will get work. But after being part of big and hit shows, you do get choosy about your work. Plus, I am not completely out of sight, I am doing events which are related to the industry. I want to try out new roles, I would not mind entering any reality show. My role in Bahu Humari Rajnikanth was cute and bubbly, which was very different to what I have done before. So now I would like to do some serious and dynamic roles.”

she says.

Vahbiz has also been pursuing her hobbies such as travelling and dancing in this time.
She says,

“Now that I am on a break, I have been travelling, it is my hobby. It engages my soul. I have been on frequent visits to Pune, I recently went to London and Bangkok. It has helped me in rejuvenation. I joined a dance class. I love to dance. They teach all the latest Bollywood dances there.”

It is tough for actors to get the role which they desire, however Vahbiz’s advice is to wait it out for the right part.

“My advice would be to hang in there and be. As an actor, being patient is the only key. And also, never stop working, always keep doing something, whether it is big or small,”

she says.

While they say it’s tough to make friends in the industry, Vahbiz disagrees.

“By God’s grace, I have found some great friends here, it would not be fair to name any one person. All my fellow actors have been very kind to me,”

she says.

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