Posted on March 3, 2017 at 9:42 am

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UA Exclusive Interview|Abbas-Mustan Talk About Machine’s Climax And More

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Director duo Abbas-Mustan who are known for making thriller movies in Bollywood are back with another thriller-action ‘Machine’ which is slated to release on 17th March, 2017. The movie stars Kiara Advani with debutant Mustafa in lead role. Interestingly, the once 120 kilo Mustafa is the son of director Abbas, and is now lean and healthy at 55 kilos.


Check out the white brothers talk about their upcoming movie ‘Machine’ and how they do not care about movie clashes.

  1. Which was the most difficult scene to shoot in ‘Machine’?

The most difficult scene to shoot was the climax. Generally film works on 24fps but we shot the climax scenes in high speed but the dialogues were taken in normal space so it was difficult to match the lip movement.



  1. And which was the most enjoyable one?

We enjoyed shooting the whole film, especially the scene with Johnny Lever… and also the romantic scenes. We didn’t direct the romantic scene; Kiara and Mustafa directed it themselves.



  1. Among all the actors you have worked with, who is your favourite?

All are our favourites. We can’t choose one.



  1. From all your movies, which one is your favourite and why?

From all our 20 films we can’t select any one whether they have worked or not because they are like our babies to us.



  1. Did you both inspire Mustafa to enter Bollywood?

We didn’t say him anything or ask him anything. Mustafa is the right person to answer this question. He was already into direction and has also helped us in the script of Machine. So, when we wanted a new actor for this movie we thought of Mustafa.



  1. How is Mustafa as an actor?

We are way satisfied with his performance and he is very enthusiastic and a good actor.





  1. Two other movies, ‘Trapped’ and ‘Beauty And The Beast’ are also releasing on 17th March 2017. Your comment?

First in a year 90 films were released and now more than 200 films are released in a year. So clash of movies is a part of the life. In fact we want that more movies should be made and more theatres should be built so that audiences don’t have to wait for long to watch a movie.

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