Posted on March 23, 2017 at 9:00 am

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Divyanka Tripathi Made Shardul Feel Special For Getting A Lead Role In Kuldeepak!

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Shardul Pandit who is returning as main lead in Kuldeepak has full support of industry and friends. His good friend Divyanka Tripathi who is an A list artist recorded a special video for her friend.


In her video she said:

“From 27th March, our Shardul will be seen on Kuldeepak. I am so excited. Shardul, you are so talented. I am really happy that finally, I will get to watch you on TV. Definitely, I will be watching this show and I will ask my fans and audiences to watch Shardul and his show because he is our favourite”.


 Shardul said:

“Me and Divyanka met in Zee India’s best in Indore. Where both of us won the Indore round. Then we reconnected in BCL. I was in Dubai had no clue how big a star she has become yet she was as sweet and loving as she was years back even when other stars were kind of standoffish. All through BCL she was super sweet to me even when some fans of certain actor were bashing me online, without telling me  she went online and supported me. I love the way she conducts herself and her success journey is exemplary. How she conducts herself and has positive vibes and is an emotional soul.  In an industry when people celebrate each other’s fall she goes out extending her warmth and love. I am very grateful to have befriended such a fine human being. I wish her all the best for Nach Baliye and she has the potential to win”.


Well Shardul we wish you all the very best for your new show as main lead.


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