Posted on October 19, 2010 at 6:40 am

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Desi Power on The Apprentice!

Indians are no strangers to the world of business.  After all, we have powerful Indians such as Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi Mittal, Anil Ambani, etc. who have even made it onto the Forbes most powerful list and, of course, Apu with his successful Quik-E-Mart! Apparently, however, us desis aren’t strangers to the world of Trump’s addictive show “The Apprentice” either.

Anand Vasudev, Apprentice (Season 10)
Anand Vasudev on the Apprentice – Reppin’ for desi businessmen!

On the current season (Season 10) of “The Apprentice” on NBC, Florida-born Anand Vasudev is reppin’ for all us desis.  Season 2 also featured a desi – Raj Bhakta – who became famous for his bow ties, gorgeous looks, and shrewdness on his tasks.  Bhakta has now moved to PA and is being courted by the Republican party.. (staying true to his desi roots and supporting elephants, I guess!)

This season of The Apprentice focuses on unemployed applications who, due to the economy, got fired and thanks to the show will get a needed boost in their respective fields.  Vasudev was the perfect candidate for Trump’s show as prior to being laid off he was managing a $400 K (no really, that number does exist!) real estate portfolio – and we all know Trump loves his real estate!   “I thought I was indispensable…until I got laid off” says Anand.  So far, 6 episodes into the show, Anand doesn’t seem very dispensable.  In fact, Trump seems quite impressed by his latest Desi find!  Plus, with his dashing looks perhaps Trump will hire Anand for a pageant!  Like Season 2’s Raj, Anand has been commended for his impecable style sense.

Maybe if the whole business thing doesn’t work out, Anand can find his way into Bollywood!  What do you guys think?  Have you seen the show?  Do you think Vasudev should give up on Business and embrace Bollywood instead?  Let us know your thoughts and keep rooting for Anand!

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