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Kerolin Govender : The Power of Music – The Production “LOVE”

Crown The Brown: Kerolin Govender

Crown The Brown: Kerolin Govender

Crown The Brown: Musician Kerolin Govender. If you ever thought modern music, lifestyle and technology will overshadow deeply embedded cultural roots. You will be in for a big surprise. Transcending time, crossing borders and seas. The soothing melodic sounds of a time honored tradition lives on in the spirit of a young man. Whose passion grew from a tender 4-year-old child into a skilled and masterful musician and vocalist.

Growing up in a diverse society saturated by multicultural traditions. It was indeed challenging to focus on your own family traditions. But Kerolin Govender realized very early in childhood that commitment and perseverance were key to achieving his dream. The dream of moving the heart and souls of people with his talent.

When he was 14 his parents realized his potential and passion for traditional music, arts and culture, this active interest spear headed the move in sending him for tutelage to Shri Magantharen Balakisten who, to this day certainly remains a spiritual mentor and an avid fan of his protégé’s music.

Enveloped by his love and appreciation of music and drama, he immersed himself into the study of this traditional classical art because it gave expression to the beautiful sound and music he so greatly admired.

Kerolin’s Musical Background

Kerolin spent 5 years in Bangalore, India. He completed his Bachelor of Architectural Degree at Visvesvaraya Technological University . They presented him with the opportunity of furthering his musical passion. Under the direction of the Lengendary Dr. L Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamurthy at the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SAPA). He was also rewarded with a two year training program to fine tune his musical skill in Carnatic Music.

This musical journey transformed Kerolin’s life into a spiritual one. He believes music is an excellent tool for building social cohesion and lives by the motto:

“Rediscover the true-self and live with the yearning to discover.”

Spurred by public anticipation after JIVANMUKTA’s debut performance in April last year and in keeping with the month of love. Kerolin and his fellow musicians have put together a production entitled “Love, a musical journey” which will surely mesmerize you.

His amazing skill with the air-organ and the soothing sound of his voice will surely captivate even those that don’t understand the language.
Enveloped with poetry that pulls heartstrings and ignites the soul, the lyrics of his songs transports you on a journey back in time where people enjoyed and admired the simplicity of life.

Where communication and self-expression was not embellished with digital influence but the humility and sincerity of humanity. Where the heart was serenaded by sweet sounds and the spirit danced in the glowing limelight in joyous superfluous abundance.

The concert entitled “Love” shares the different facets of love as a wholesome human experience. Likewise, this repertoire will  certainly showcase mesmerizing Traditional and contemporary Indian Music, dance and poetry through devotional music, ghazals, Sufi and timeless love ballads featuring both North and South Indian music with a South African touch.

JIVANMUKTA initiative

Above all, one of the initiatives that JIVANMUKTA music has embarked on for this production is creating awareness of the social issues which we face globally. Similarly, through the artistic form’s music, dance and poetry. JIVANMUKTA music strives to not only create awareness but to also inspire others to fight against the injustice in our world. Music has the power to transform, heal and bring people together.

The Production “LOVE”

The production “Love” celebrates and shares with its audience a unique collaboration between Indian and African cultures through fusion items showcasing popular South African songs which shows the love that has unified them as one nation.

Furthermore, catch Kerolin Govender together with contemporary dancer Trevin Govender and sister Kriyakshia Govender. Bharathanatyam dancer live in concert at the Izulu theatre:

Date : Saturday 15 February 2020

Time : 7:00 pm

Venue : Izulu Theatre, Sibaya

Tickets : Via Computicket

Featuring some of South Africa’s musical maestros namely:

Kerolin Govender, Kriyakshia Govender, Trevin Govender, Rajive Mohan, Tansen Nepaul, Ashley Kisten, Oumesh Inderparsad, Veedhern Punwasi, Anil Sewpersad, Selvanus Soobramoney, Desh Ramchander, Avishkar Goberdhan and Sound by Acoustic Avenue.

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