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High Vibrations : The Unique Crystals of Africa Brought to Your Doorstep

High Vibrations and their Exclusive Crystals

South Africa: High Vibrations brings the most beautiful crystals and pieces found in Africa to your doorstep! Founder Waldo Jordaan, is a full-time Nature Conservation student at the Nelson Mandela University. He surely has a great passion for Conservation work, different cultures and religions of the world. Not to mention, he is absolutely crystal crazy!

High Vibrations started in 2018, Waldo started selling pieces to family and friends. People loved the idea so much that it encouraged Waldo to expand. He wanted to find more unique pieces in Southern Africa which then led to teaming up and networking with miners, collectors and fellow crystal enthusiasts. He has sent over 600 orders throughout South Africa in the last year and a half! How amazing is that?? High vibrations offers the most unique and beautiful pieces, here are a few examples:

Labradorite Sphere

Crown The Brown - High vibrations : Labradorite Sphere

This is a magnificent piece. It has the most beautiful flashes (mostly blue) and it’s rather large in size (approximately 8cm x 8cm). This came all the way from Madagascar, local families over there doesn’t only mine the material but they are also responsible for processing it and polishing it to perfection! Labradorite is known for its ability to resonate with the 3rd eye and aids in all the spiritual aspects of the higher self.

Gemmy quality Rose Quartz Flame

Crown The Brown: High Vibrations Gemmy quality Rose Quartz Flame

It consist of the most incredible vibrant pink Colour with white Quartz lines in spots. This is the perfect decor piece and resonate with the heart Chakra. The perfect stone for promoting love and kindness in one’s home. It’s a powerful, yet very gentle stone. This guy is also from Madagascar!

Red Hematite

High vibrations: Red Hematite

It is incredibly rare to find larger pieces like this! It has the most incredible deep Red coloration with bits of white Feldspar, honestly such a vibe. I got this (together with 9 other pieces) from a private miner in the Northern Cape. He usually go out into the mountains, close to the Orange River, where he easily spend a week at a time to mine gems like this! This material is highly sought after in the international market and it is often difficult to get them locally (especially the bigger sizes)
Red Hematite is known for its grounding properties.

Smokey Quartz Cluster

High Vibrations : Smokey Quartz Cluster

It contains thousands of crystals, of which some are 100% black and others more yellowish/transparent. The ideal piece for the high end clients looking for something exceptional. This piece was also mined by hand in the Northern Cape, by one of my friends, which have been mining for a few years now! Smokey Quartz are mainly known for its grounding properties
High vibrations certainly has a beautiful variety of crystals and more! All original pieces found in the depths of Southern Africa. These are supplied and stock is kept for consumers. So be sure to check out @highbrations888 , you do not want to miss out on some great crystal crazy deals!
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