Posted on December 3, 2019 at 3:35 pm

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Cape Town: Zack Knight Brings the Heat to the Mother City

Cape Town Cheers for Zack Knight

Cape Town: Zack Knight brings the heat! 30 November seemed to be the ending of the working year and the start of the festive season. What a better way to start off the festivities with a legendary South Asian show! Cape Town rarely has South Asian talent roaming around every corner stage in Town but this year, we were flawed away by the international talent that graced our country!

Blu Blood SA and Stage FX events came together to bring us the most exceptional show to end off November. Zack Knight graced the Cape Town International Convention Center with his killer vocal range and fancy footwork! The show was effortless from the venue to the audience and the endless talent!

Rabia Mukadam

The show opened with our very own Cape Town singer, Rabia Mukadam. Rabia resides in Rylands and blew the crowd away with her rendition of some beautiful old school Bollywood tracks. It was such a proud moment for the community members to witness one of our very own opening the show for such a legendary artist. Rabia has such an exceptional range and looked extravagant in her deep purple and gold ensemble!

DJ Doni Brasco heated up the auditorium with his hands on deck, killing those chords with some remixes and an epic Zack Knight countdown. Safe to say, everyone felt the hype before Zack even got on stage. What a way to keep everyone entertained for the entrance of the night.

10, 9, 8… the countdown flew to One

Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs! Zack graced our stage and of course, being such a ladies man, it was evident that fans were ready to embrace the Knight! He has an exceptional presence regarding his talent. He has the ability to keep an entire crowd entertained and certainly knows how to interact with his audience. The manner in which Zack performs and embraces his fans is so wholesome.

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Zack has such an infectious energy about himself. He shared some family history and childhood stories during his show, It was surely something different to experience. A performer that shares his story with his fans. What a humble soul. His ability to give more of himself so freely to the audience caught the heartstrings of many girls that night!

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Lights, Camera, Drop The Beat

The exceptional remixing of DJ Doni Brasco left everyone on their feet and matched with Zack’s ability to hold a note really had the crowd going! What struck everyone was the team effort that went into setting the ambiance of the concert. The effects, lighting, sparks and confetti machine all done by StageFX events. It created such a perfect party atmosphere! Every Aunty and Uncle couldn’t resist but to change that light bulb and pat the dog with those spark machines flying on stage! Great setup Stage FX, it certainly made the show more lively!

Furthermore, the show was exceptional and well-planned. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance by Zack Knight and he is a fantastic performer. He ensured that he covered all areas of that stage with his charm, killer moves and even brought up some fans to enjoy the moment! What a gifted artist. Zack Knight certainly knows how to leave fans wanting more.

A very special thank you to Blu Blood SA and StageFX Events for being so accommodating and bringing the best South Asian talent to South Africa! Be sure to follow their online platforms for future shows! Lets bring more South Asian talent into the country!

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