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The Motherly Love of Rizelle Januk in The Kings of Mulberry Street


Durban actress and celebrity Rizelle Januk takes on the role of an overworked mother Charmaine in The Kings of Mulberry Street. Her character Charmaine does her best to maintain order in the midst of the chaos of Sugarhill District. The the fictional setting of Judy Naidoo’s latest film ‘Kings of Mulberry Street’, which will be in cinemas from 28 June 2019.

Rizelle grew up in Durban. She studied drama at school, and received the top mark for dramatic arts in her senior year of High School. She went on to study at the University of Howard College. Obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama and Performance Studies and Media and Cultural Studies.

Having won a number of acting awards, Rizelle also appeared in the reality TV show ‘She’s the One. After dub smashing with Carly Rae Jepson, she has also appeared in many international commercials. She has starred in the short films ‘Dayfly, ‘Nye Emaar’, ‘Shadow’ (nominated for a SAFTA in 2018), Wide Eyed’ (nominated for a Simon Sabela 2018 award for Best Short Film).

She has also featured in ‘Knockout’ starring Irshaad Ally and Bonnie Mbuli. Rizelle has also appeared in a number of feature films, including ‘Dear Jasmine’, ‘Scorpion King and The Book of Souls’. As well as a short film for Gliss Schwarzkopf called Manifesto!

In 2015, she won a showcase for actors around the world held by an LA acting search engine called Cast It Talent. The piece she did was her own, and she competed with 80 actors who entered from around the world. In 2017 she won another LA competition to attend eight weeks of training at the BGB studios in Hollywood.  What a talented individual!

The Kings of Mulberry Street

Set in the early 80’s. The charming and hilarious ‘Kings of Mulberry Street’ tells the story of two young Indian boys who have to find a way to overcome their differences. Uniting in order to defeat the bullying local crime lord who’s threatening their families.

Kings ‘of Mulberry Street’ brings together the vibrancy of the Indian community in the 80s as well as Bollywood cinema and songs from that era.

As the feisty overworked mother of three kids, Charmaine struggles to keep a happy family and make ends meet. To make matters worse she is pregnant with their fourth child and suffers bouts of morning sickness. She is in a constant state of panic.

Her son Ticky (Aaqil Hoosen) does not make life any easier. He’s the archetypal Indian artful dodger – cheeky and daring with a streetwise swagger and little respect for rules. He escapes the realities of his existence by living in a Bollywood dream world where he’s an unbeatable action hero.

When chubby, timid Baboo (Shaan Nathoo) moves into the neighbourhood with his snooty, academic dad, Ticky thinks he’s the biggest loser he’s ever seen – but soon the two boys are drawn together and Charmaine is forced to stand by while they decide to rid their town of local bully and crime boss, Raja.

‘Kings of Mulberry Street’ will be distributed in South Africa by Indigenous film Distribution, in partnership with Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.

Catch ‘Kings of Mulberry Street’ in cinemas on 28 June 2019

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