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VIJAY STAR NITE With “Big Boss” and “Super Singers ” Left Durban Wanting More! – Reese Naidoo and Riashri Moodley

VIJAY STAR NITE with “Big Boss” Celebs & “Super Singers” – DURBAN ICC

VIJAY STAR NITE with "Big Boss" Celebs & "Super Singers" - DURBAN ICC - Reese Naidoo and Riashri Moodley Crown The Brown

VIJAY STAR NITE took place at the ICC in Durban. Lights, cameras and glittery saree’s set the seen in Durban this past Friday, March 1st. As Shankar Mahadevan together with “Big Boss” celebs and “Super Singers” stars geared up for an electric concert that was sure to leave the audience well-entertained and in high spirits.

Courtesy of BluBlood SA, we got VIP access to the event and got to experience this amazing live showcase.

Over 3 000 tickets sold! The arena was also packed with ecstatic fans of Star Vijay, a popular South Indian television network. They waited in anticipation to see their favorite stars perform live for the first time in South Africa.

Furthermore, the magnitude of the event has guests impressed. The event being one of the biggest South Indian showcases in Durban. It was pleasing to see guests young and old singing along. Especially to some evergreen Tamil hits as well as some more recent blockbuster songs such as “Heartukulla” and “Guleba.”

Above all, a well organized show!  Also very entertaining with hosts Dhivya Dharshini and Ma Ka Pa keeping the audience in stitches between performances.

Super Singer stars such as Senthil Ganesh and Rajalakshmi mesmerized the crowd with melodious duets, while reality stars Mahat, Aishwarya and Seranya got the crowd jiving along to their lively dance performances.

Other well-known stars such as Malavika, Rakshitha and Anirudh enticed the audience with scintillating performances. It had everyone singing and dancing along.

The highlight of the evening was the headline act. The ever iconic super star Shankar Mahadevan who wowed the audience with his enchanting live performance of popular songs such as “Uppu Karuvadu” and “Varahi Nadhikarai Orum.

After hearing these amazing performers and artists render live renditions of these popular song, nothing compares. It was certainly a great success in broadening the Tamil entertainment, as well as tourism in South Africa. Follow our page for more images!

Reese Naidoo & Riashri Moodley for Crown The Brown

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