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South African Musician Creagen Naidoo and His Endless Love For Music

CROWN THE BROWN: South African Musician Creagen Naidoo

South African Musician Creagen Naidoo and His Endless Love For Music

South African Musician and  a recipient of the Artes Award 2019, Creagen Naidoo is well-known for his amazing musical talent and is taking the country by storm with his endless passion! Creagen is a producer, singer, song writer and composer. He was born on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.  His endless passion for music started at a very young age, hence his amazing talent and years of practice!

Above all, he is also known as a Guitar Maestro and we can certainly agree with that! Creagen has created such an amazing platform for himself and made his craft into something flavorful, edgy and relevant to his audience. As a result of Creagen‘s phenomenal performance abilities, he has created his own company, Lighthouse Entertainment. We had the privilege of getting to know more about the man behind the microphone. Here is what Creagen shared with us!

As a musician, how would you describe your sound?

My Sound is overall a combination of Electro House, Rnb and Pop.  I play the Guitar as well so I tend to create various beats according to what sounds are trending. I also bring in the some of the old sounds creating new upbeat tunes.

Who are your musical influences and why?

John legend who undoubtedly creates music which elevates the soul, his performance is entertaining and his songs are sure to leave you feeling positive and keep you on a high.  Ed Sheeran, he is soulful and versatile. Micasa, J Something is also a versatile performer and extremely humble. AKA is an influence as well, as he captivates his audience with every performance.

As a South African artist, what do you find most challenging about being in the music industry?

The Lack of support from some of the radio stations in promoting Locally produced music and local artist. Not much recognition for new artist.    We hear a lot of the same songs over and over a number of times a day.

Not only are you a South African artist, but a South Asian one as well. Stigmas and stereotypes that you think are attached in the industry?

I found that we lack support from South Africans as a whole. We definitely have a lot of support from Indian people and would like to see South Africans embrace our music. We do sing songs in English not only in our vernacular, and this is where media, the radio and television platforms fail.

They fail to help showcase the many successful Indian artists who are making a difference. More Indian performers should be included and participating in the many SA Events.

What would you change about the industry?

More local music to be played and promoted on various platforms. As well as opportunities for local artist to showcase their talents abroad, have their music played internationally, as we have embraced the John Legends, Ed Sheerans etc.

How do you use your platform and talent as a musician to influence your audience and promote inclusivity?

I sing songs which are celebratory about life and love.  Also spending much of my time giving back, I work on many charity and community projects.  My music brings people together, I use my performance to engage people and uplift them.  I had a challenging upbringing myself. Surrounded by a sea of poverty. I always believe that anyone can rise above their circumstance. Hence, hard work and determination will certainly bring you joy and success, this is always my message to people.

What is one of your fondest memories as a musician thus far?

Releasing my first single We own Tonight. A song Written and composed by me, after years of being a musician, there is great delight to create you own track and to hear it on radio.

Any exciting upcoming projects that we should know about?

I am currently working on my 3rd Single and hoping to have an album complete by next year, i am also currently having my 2 singles remixed.  I am also working on a Sigtune with Paul Banks for a TV show. It is African themed, which I have written and composed.

You are 34 now, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I believe no matter what your age music has no boundaries or age restrictions so in 10 years I will continue to hit the ground running.
What advice would you give other upcoming musicians?

If you have what it takes and people are enjoying your music keep on pushing ahead, everyday you need to grow and be better than yesterday.

Referred to as one of KZN’s leading entertainers! Creagen Naidoo‘s energetic and versatile nature radiates within his performances! He is an exceptional musician and has performed on many stages throughout his career.

As a result, Creagen has become a musician worth listening to. The lack of support by local industries is worth the awareness, as a South Asian inclusivity activist, we can only imagine the frustration towards the lack of support. Creagen has worked hard to have the platform that he has showcased and we love supporting local talent! We most certainly need more passionate musicians such as Creagen on the radio and also on our TV screens! Be sure to follow his journey!

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