Posted on February 14, 2020 at 2:47 pm

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CYOKILO and DJ DMS bring the heat this Valentines Day with their new track, ‘In Love’!!

CYOKILO and DJ DMS bring the heat with their new track, ‘In Love’!!

Torontos Cyokilo and DJ DMS have not coming to come play .. 2 months into 2020 and they bring us one of the years biggest Urban Asian tracks!

Cyokilo is by far one of the most versatile Punjabi vocalists. If you’ve been following his journey then you know that not only is he a graduate of one of Canadas most well recognized art academy,  ‘The Remix Project’ he is also known and respected as a Toronto singer-songwriter and producer.

DJ DMS is also another favourite! He’s one half of Canadas best Punjabi production house, XD Pro and always inspires with his sounds!

Cyokilo and DJ DMS have collaborated to bring you one of this years biggest tracks, ‘In Love’. It’s an instant classic which gives you all the feels! Cyokilo easily has one of the best voices and his harmonies are beautiful!

The video for ‘In Love’ is a movie within itself and features an appearance by one of Torontos upcoming singer-songwriters, the beautiful Linda Luztano! 

‘In Love’ is now available on all platforms!

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