Posted on February 14, 2020 at 4:26 pm

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Movie Release: Bhai’s Cafe is Officially Out in Cinema’s Nationwide!

South Africa: Bhai’s Cafe is Now Showing in Cinema’s Near You! 

South Africa Movie Release: Bhai’s Cafe is out in Cinema’s now! Valentines Day brings a day filled with love and laughter. What a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than in a comfy cinema, celebrating our amazing local talent! Well, this Valentine’s Day we have a movie worth watching nationwide. The local blockbuster love story Bhai’s Cafe has officially out in Cinema and it is certainly turning heads!

Set in the Mother City, this love story brings together two unique backgrounds in the heart of Wynberg. The love-struck Rashmi, played by Suraya Rose Santos finds herself falling heads over heels in love with Patrick played by Siv Ngesi! This love story showcases the beauty of unity and the influence of family, with Mehboob Bawa and Rehane Abrahams playing Rashmi’s beloved parents.

Above all, this much anticipated film brought the excitement with its magnificent cast! The cast includes local star Suraya Rose Santos and Siv Ngesi as mentioned above. Suraya has certainly left her mark on the industry. Siv Ngesi has also become quite the dancer, showing off his impressive dance moves with the help of Taare Dance! Nonetheless, the choreography was definitely one worth attempting, even with two left feet!


The cast also includes Mehboob Bawa (a 30-year veteran of film, television and radio) and Rehane Abrahams (currently in the Kyknet&Kie telenovela Arendsvlei). Directed by Maynard Kraak. Key cast members in the film are: Thabo Bopape, Khalil Kathrada, Rameez Nordien, Fahruq Valley-Omar, Carishma Basday, Elodie Venece and Stavros Cassapis.

The screenplay was written by Darron Meyer and Aaron Naidoo. Based on a story by Rawoot and her husband, Executive Producer and actor, Bawa, for whom this film is a labour of love. It is the result of years of hard work, passion and sacrifice by the dedicated duo. It surely shows through in the trailer:

This movie is exceptional! It showcases the beauty that is a rainbow nation. As well as the challenges that come forth with falling in love with regards to a South Asian community. This film is certainly a privilege to watch because of the talented cast, the story line and the manner in which it unites us as a community.

We have received such positive feedback regarding the premiere alone, what a success! We cannot wait to hear what our community thinks of the film! Be sure to book your tickets now!! Cinemas:

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