Posted on September 24, 2016 at 11:18 am

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There should be a nice bouquet of TV shows for the audience- Nikhil Sinha

Top television director Nikhil Sinha, who is responsible for popular shows like Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo, Mahadev and the current hit Siya Ke Ram, is on a streak of continued success. It’s as if Nikhil has his fingers on the pulse of the Indian TV audience.



When asked, what was the recipe for his success, he says,

“When there is an overdose of any particular trend people tend to look up for something new. And when someone serves that new idea in a good manner, the audience love it and they want that change to happen. However, if you keep on showing them mythological and supernatural elements in shows, they will get bored one day. There should be a nice bouquet of TV shows for the audience.”

Being in the industry for long, we questioned him about the TRP system that is responsible for making or breaking shows, and he has a very unique opinion on the topic. He says,

“Unfortunately, TRP’s do impact a lot on the content, because sometimes, when the shows are not so interesting, they won’t get TRPs as compared to the good ones. How I look at it is, TRP’s are basically the love of people who watch the shows.”

Well, it seems like you’re getting all the love that you deserve, Nikhil!