Posted on September 17, 2016 at 2:20 am

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Shivin Narang and Asmita Sood relive DDLJ moments!

Travelling to different and unique places in the world is and going through that experience in living in the different environment with different cultures and traditions is the best feeling ever. Learning something from your trip is what makes it the most memorable one. Well, Shivin Narang and Asmita Sood went for a travel show and go to see Zurich and Davos in Switzerland and let’s just say they had a blast and will never forget this trip. When talking about the trip Shivin states,

“The moments were great. The theme was DDLJ. I felt as if we are watching DDLJ. The train journey was beautiful. I met Asmita Sood first time she was a good companion for the travel and we became friends. Switzerland is known for watches, chocolates and cheese and I went to a popular Cheese and Chocolate factory. I gifted myself a Swiss watch as my birthday was on 7th August . It was a dream location and I will cherish the memories forever”

Asmita expresses,

“We visited Davos,Klosters, and Zurich. The trip was of seven days.  We visited Zurich, the place where Kajol (as Simran from DDLJ)   misses her train.  I tried to pose and get a small hint of her demeanour with similar styling and mannerisms but Kajol is Kajol after all and one ,can’t reach up to her level but since I’m a DDLJ fan, I did my little bit to live that moment while I was in Switzerland on that train”.

We are so happy that Shivin and Asmita had an amazing trip and hopefully they can visit again to relive all of the memories they have made.