Posted on September 26, 2016 at 3:47 am

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Quantico Season 2: Kudove Ep.1

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From the first episode of Quantico to the end of season 1, there were so many emotions and shocking moments that the audience went through because each and every episode builds suspense within the show creating questions in our minds on what is going to happen next. Today was the first episode of season 2 and this time, not only is the FBI involved but so is the CIA. This new season will have a whole new storyline as well as the setting.


The episode starts off showing the present year and how Alex, Ryan, Raina, and Shelby are all working at their respectable jobs in their own spaces. During the beginning of the episode, you will see there has been a tiff between Alex and Shelby but the audience doesn’t know what exactly happened. The scene passes to Alex where is she seen standing on the rooftop of a building and she senses something bad is going to happen, and next thing you know there are explosions of trucks happening on the corner of every street.

Shifting back to the previous year we see Alex and many other new characters that are new to the show receiving a  blue sticky note with a specific time written on it making it a little suspenseful for the viewers. At dinner we see Ryan showing Shelby his proposal ring for Alex, but before he could even go down on one knee she has to leave urgently.

Upon arriving at the destination that a mysterious caller gives Alex, we come to know that it is known as a facility for the CIA and the sticky notes that were given out for those who have been recruited because they are good in the field and also know how to take up a challenge. Looks like Alex won’t be the only one joining her on this new adventure because Ryan also shows up making them both confused on as of why they were both sent on an undercover mission for the FBI. So what’s next for these two love birds? Will they be able to survive at this CIA Facility?

Shifting back to the previous year we see after the explosion a building where the White House correspondents along with the President, First Lady, Ryan, Raina were present are kept as hostages a group of mask people come and take over the place making you think what is going to happen now. Will the people survive? What do the masked people want?

The first episode of the new season was very suspenseful and jaw dropping because so much was going on all the same time. Be sure to catch episode 2 of Quantico next week only on ABC.