Posted on September 30, 2016 at 12:04 am

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"Me and Shivin are buddies" – Hitesh Bharadwaj

The good looking actors Hitesh Bharadwaj and Shivin Narang are buddies for life. The two young actors met on the set of Surveen Guggal as they were costars in the show and became very good friends. Talking about their friendship Hitesh says,

“Yes Shivin is a very nice guy, we met on the set of Surveen Guggal and we became  buddies. We started our journey as an actor and also shared so many memories.  I remember we used to get scolded by our directors in Surveen Guggal. After the show went off air we still are connected.”

Hitesh also adds,

“What I like about Shivin is he will always give me a lot of suggestion and tips. Even if I don’t listen to them or follow them he will keep telling me different things. In an industry where there is cut throat competition the always gives me tips to do better.”

So what is one good quality you want to see in your friend?

“A true friend is someone who wants to see you happy, I guess that is the true quality of a true friend.”

Hitesh will be seen as main lead in Agar Tum Saath Ho on Zindagi TV and Shivin is keeping low profile of late.