Posted on September 23, 2016 at 2:48 am

Food What's Happenin'

"If you cut me, you will find blood and pani-puri," laughs foodie Rupali Suri

Who loves food? I know I’m a huge foodie are you? Food is basically the one thing in life that will never let you down . Food is something that can introduce people to new types of cultures and delicious food at the same time. Gorgeous actress Rupali Suri is probably known to be on of the biggest foodies in Bollywood, you could ask her anything on food and she begins to talk like a girl is possessed well basically food-possessed.


When talking about her favorite restaurants, Rupali likes a place called “The Big Chill” which is located in Delhi. But when she is traveling abroad she doesn;t really have a favorite, but always loves to try out new and different restaurants, even when they are small boutique restaurants which have great tastes to offer.

When she was asked about her all-time favorite snack which is the most famous street-food ever chaat and panipuri she expresses,

“In college, I would tell my friends, If you cut me, you will find blood and panipuri. It’s madness that I still savor it the same way. The strange thing is, panipuris are also a stress-buster for me.”


She continues on about talking her favorite food which is her mom’s homemade dahi-kadhi and she also tells her viewers and fans a tip about food. She states,

“Eat what your heart desires, but also watch what you eat. After all, it’s no less than an art to balancing fitness and food.”

There’s always one thing to remember enjoy life and FOOD!!!