Posted on September 1, 2016 at 4:08 pm

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#friendship When old buddies re-unite!

Everyone has their own busy schedules, but I think we should all find some time to meet up with old friends and just simply catch up and have a good time. That’s exactly what happened with actor Mrunal Jain who is currently being seen in popular shower Naagrjuna-Ek Yodha and Tina Datta were co-stars in Uttaran and have been buddies for many years. Check out their pictures they took together when they saw each other after such a long time.

Courtesy to Nandish Sandhu their reunion had happened at the BCL Gujarat launch party. The duo was spotted in a very happy mood.

Be sure to catch Mrunal in his show only on Life OK, and we are hoping to see more of the talented actress Tina in the future.