Posted on September 18, 2016 at 3:52 am

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As responsible musicians, its our moral responsibility to spread and pass on our learning: Arjuna Harjai

Composer Arjuna Harjai who have recently composed a song for Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is a responsible musician. The actor and his mother who is an artist too actually runs a music academy in Delhi and Mumbai.
When asked Arjuna tells,
“My mother had a music academy in Delhi it was called Swar Deep, the name was later changed to Aart Sense Music Academy,its a division of our Company Aart Sense Studios Pvt Ltd under which we execute all my professional music projects. As a responsible musicians, its our moral responsibility to spread and pass on what we have learnt to the new generation and help them achieve their musical goals. I used to teach music production and these courses were available only in Delhi. Now we have expanded to Mumbai, we have partnered with experienced and educated musicians like Surabhi Dashputra and Kanika Joshi who handle and execute everything at our Mumbai Branch.”
The institute offers courses in Playback Singing, Guitars, Piano, Hindustani Classical , Bollywood Music, and Music Production as well. The institute has an affiliation with Gandharva Vishwa Vidhyalya for the singing courses. The institute is popularly  known as ASM Academy.

Arjuna also adds,

“Our classes are conducted inside studio environment, other than the teachers students learn a lot from overall environment. Our teachers are renowned professionals from the industry,experienced and humble.”