Posted on August 6, 2016 at 10:27 pm

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Shweta Rohira, Daisy Shah and Ellie Avram's bond of friendship!

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Artist writer Shweta Rohira is a lucky girl when it comes to her friends in her life. She has best friends like actress Daisy Shah and Ellie Avram in her life and the pretty girl is very lucky to have them. As the Friendship Day is approaching Shweta shares her bond with the two pretty girls.


Shweta says,

“I met Daisy for the first time on the set of her film Jai Ho, and with each passing day that we met our bond became thicker and stronger. The good part in our relationship is we are very transparent and we don’t pretend. Both of us just love to watch movies and talk about it.”

With Ellie Shweta feels they are just like twins, a lot of things are similar between them.

She adds,

“Me and Ellie met at a gathering and we just hit off from there. What I like about her is she is very grounded and humble. We talk about painting, movies, theaters we do a lot of things together. She is a friend whom I don’t have to see the time to call.”

Looks like girls just want to have some fun and be friends forever! How cute!

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