Posted on August 6, 2016 at 12:35 am

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#Buddies: Dosti forever for Amal Sehrawat and Dhruv Singh!

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Who says actors don’t find friends in the industry when there is a will there is a way! This applies to actor Dhruv Singh and Amal Sehrawat who are best of friends. Dhruv adds,

“I think my best friend would be Amal Sehrawat, he is also from the industry I know him for a long time so my association with him goes long back. He is like a brother from an another mother.”


Amal also adds,

“My good friend Dhruv, also an actor, is extremely dear to me. We love discussing films and actors. We love to treat ourselves as the sons of “Cine-Maa”.


Everyday we watch films and series and then call each other to share some knowledge. We both love movies marathon sessions. This is an industry with lots of uncertainties but having a friend who is happier than you in your success is surely a friend to cherish for life. I am blessed and grateful to have Dhruv in my life.”

See you can still work and be bestfriends together even on set!

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