Posted on August 31, 2016 at 1:39 pm

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British Asian Rapper TazZz is "Crying Out"

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Pakistani-British rapper TazZz does it again! The ever evolving artist has once again created musical magic with a meaningful purpose with his latest track—”Crying Out” The track features guitarist Ricky Sharma who adds a unique touch to the song. “Crying Out” is a lot softer in melody compared to the harsh lyrics and edgy melodies the rapper is known for. Check out the music video!

Featuring the beautiful streets of TazZz’s hometown, London, the video takes you on a journey. TazZz takes you on a spiritual journey about chasing his dreams and dealing with the downfalls of life.

“‘Crying Out’ is about how life taught me to deal with the disappointment that came around,” the rapper said. “‘Crying Out’ is my broken silence and it makes me feel strong. Sometimes you just have to bring out the voice cry within you to breathe.”

Currently, the artist is working on his next album—watch out for its release in 2017!

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