Posted on August 6, 2016 at 7:52 pm

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BCL San Francisco rescheduled in November!

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Who doesn’t love cricket? better yet who doesn’t enjoy watching TV actors playing a good game of Cricket? After the successful completion of Desi BCL, the franchise was all set to rock the US until unavoidable circumstances came up, which made it be rescheduled  to November.


Actor Ajay Chaudhary whose company Paragon Entertainment has been handling and hosting the overseas leagues explains,

“I feel so unfortunate that it happened as everybody was so excited about it. We worked so hard for it, the venue and the tickets were booked, everything was on the go and we were waiting for the visa as we all know US visa is hard to get as it includes a lot of paperwork. Half of the people are yet to get their visa and so we have postponed the trip. We did everything that we could have done but things were not in our hands. We are starting the process again and BCL will go international and let me clear it loudly the show is postponed but not canceled.”
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