Posted on July 11, 2016 at 8:29 pm

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When television actors go topless!

Showing skin and flaunting six pack abs has become the “it” thing to do on television. Numerous actors resort to revealing skin to boost rating but when we asked these actors what they would do if they were asked to do a shirtless scene, check out what their response was.


Anshul Trivedi – If one has good physique, then he must flaunt it. You work hard to achieve such physique so why not flaunt it? If I am offered a topless scene, I ll be more than happy to do it. I don’t mind being an eye candy. Women are queens on TV and if we men want to grab some eyeballs we gotta do some skin show. I feel its completely fine to do a topless scene and I would have no qualms doing it. After all we work hard on our bodies and love to flaunt it.

Saurabh Pandey

Saurabh Pandey – I have already done many topless scenes in my show Shaurya aur Suhani. I would do topless scenes if offered but provided I have prepared myself for that scene with a Good body. Yes if men appeare with bare upper body in scenes they do become Eye candy for people.


Dhruv Singh – I think if you have then you should flaunt it. But I would like to expose my body of talent. I don’t mind if actors do it to be an eye candy. I believe in talent but that’s my view.


Sandeep Anand – I have no issue as far as health is concern but for the sake of show off getting shape in short time will affect very badly in future I am scared of unnatural diet. I am a Desi person. I like to eat healthy food and yes 6 pack abs doesn’t go with my personality. I am happy being lean I had already done top and bottom less scene in my shows. Eye candies!! I guess I am too an eye candy without 6 packs abs as far as I can hold audience on screen with my work. I am an actor not a model. I will maintain my body for health and looks too but I will not abuse my body for the sake of attention.


Aniruddh Dave – It is said that you need dare to bare. For me it’s something different. Someone is enacting good/ intense and leaving the impression by the expression is the talent. Indeed good physique is add on. But I don’t believe in that. I do workout but it doesn’t mean to flaunt it for TRP’s. Why to show our figure and physique for entertainment. Is that the only craft people want to see. I can do it and have done in my previous show. These days every now and then topless shots are the only thing we can see in TV shows and movie and I am not that kind of actor. And I have also written a poem “6ft 6 packs ne badli paribhasha abhinay ki”.