Posted on July 20, 2016 at 2:52 pm

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Our favorite social media celebs!

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The entire world is on social media, and that includes your favorite celebrity (minus a select few). But there are various social media platforms and certain celebrities enjoy using one better than the other! So if you’re behind here we are to update you what is the best platform to use to follow certain b-town favorites.

1. Need a laugh and some good simple entertainment? Diljit Dosanjh, Punjab’s superstar and Udta Punjab’s much loved actor is the one celebrity you must be following especially on Snapchat! He’s quite active on all platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter- but his Snap-stories are priceless!

Here’s a sneak peak to what you would be seeing… so follow him on Snapchat: thisisdosanjh

2. Since we’re talking about Snapchat, another one of my favorites is Jacqueline Fernandez! She is quirky and cute. Not only that, but you get to see some personal-behind the scenes of her life as she promotes films, goes for shoots, and much more!

Snapchat: jacqueen143

3. We can’t miss the young, up-to-date on everything- Alia Bhatt! She has to be my favorite celeb-grammer! From her stylish outfits, her travels to London, and her adorable cat, plus killer film promotion skills! She just recently promoted her film #DearZindagi on her Instagram page and it definitely caught all eyes.

Instagram: aliaabhatt

4. He may not be from the ‘young batch’ but he sure looks young, and is totally up-to-date! Akshay Kumar not only promotes upcoming films, but shares fun behind the scene shenanigans with his co-stars, and adorable family moments.

5. She was just recently awarded Woman of the Year at iifa 2016, and she is for sure the celebrity woman of Social Media for as long as we can remember! Priyanka Chopra who is always traveling back and forth between Mumbai and the US still manages to take the time to hop onto social media and post the realest of things. From her mood, to pics with her mom, or on-the-set with her co-stars! We definitely hope she hops onto Snapchat soon!

6. Back onto Snapchat, Sonam Kapoor AKA Miss Fashionista has the greatest fashion posts on her Instagram and Snapchat, plus her OWN APP! Yes, if you missed the news a few months back, Sonam released her own app and it is super cool. From make-up tutorials, behind the scene exclusives, and how-to-style moments too. She is also super poised on her Snapchat: sonamkapoor.

7. Need some motivation Monday almost everyday? Parineeti Chopra is the talk of B-town at the moment as she has transformed her body, personality, and diet! The quirky Pari has broken herself and has inspired so many young women to just do it and work hard for yourself!

We still can’t get over her hot look in the song Jaaneman Aah from Dishoom!

8. And we’ve saved the best for last…Ranveer Singh! Just about the goofiest guy of b-town, yet adorable, charming, and so much swag! Ranveer’s Insta is always on-point, and we DEFINITELY hope he hops onto Snapchat very soon!

Whose your favorite B-town celeb on social media?!

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